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Maximizing Results through Video Action Campaigns on YouTube


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Exponential increase of CTR while dramatically decreasing using YT4A vertical and horizontal


The Universidad Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), a well-known university in Catalonia, recognized the importance of expanding its presence on YouTube to engage with its target audience effectively. Seeking to make a profitable investment and generate high-quality leads, UOC partnered with Adsmurai, their media agency, to develop a strategy centered around Video Action Campaigns.

This case study showcases the potential of YouTube as a channel for reaching and engaging with the target audience, and the power of strategic planning and optimization in maximizing results. By capitalizing on innovative digital marketing techniques, UOC solidified its position as a leading university in Catalonia and successfully obtained high-quality leads, setting a benchmark for future marketing endeavors in the online education sector.


Conversion Rate






Obtain high quality leads


UOC faced the challenge of increasing its presence on YouTube and obtaining high-quality leads. With a significant portion of their target audience actively present on the platform, the university aimed to leverage YouTube as a channel to connect with prospective students and achieve meaningful conversions. To address this challenge, UOC collaborated closely with Adsmurai to devise an effective approach.

Adsmurai and UOC conducted two tests to optimize the conversion flow and evaluate the performance of different formats. In the first test, they utilized YouTube for Action (horizontal format) and shorts (vertical format) in separate ad groups, segmented by devices. The vertical formats were targeted at mobile devices, while horizontal formats were targeted at computers and tablets. In the second test, both formats were combined into a single campaign and ad group, without device segmentation.

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Skyrocketing conversation rate


Following the conclusion of the testing phase, it was determined that combining both formats in a single campaign and allowing the algorithm to optimize the ads yielded the best results. Adsmurai observed a remarkable increase of 60% in the conversion rate and a significant 21% boost in the click-through rate (CTR). Additionally, the cost per lead (CPL) was reduced by an impressive 82%.

Furthermore, UOC experienced substantial improvements in its YouTube presence and the performance of its video campaigns. The implementation of the optimized strategy led to enhanced brand visibility and engagement with the target audience. By effectively leveraging Video Action Campaigns, UOC successfully attracted high-quality leads, resulting in increased conversions and a more profitable return on investment.

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