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Adsmurai join Facebook & Google as Keynote Speakers at eMagister Conference

Adsmurai making big news again! Today we are giving a keynote speech alongside Facebook and Google at the eMagister conference. In Madrid today (June 27) and then in Barcelona (July 2) to address the challenges and opportunities we face in online marketing for the training sector, with the event being organized by eMagister.


The V Training Days organized by eMagister are the annual meeting point for marketing professionals and this year is the fifth edition of the event. The purpose of the event is to instigate exchange and debate amongst marketing professionals and, being at the forefront of this industry as leading social media ads technology speciaists, Adsmurai will join industry giants such as Google and Facebook as a keynote speaker at the event!

This years event focuses on contemporary themes, with the primary focus being performance marketing, the evolution of supply and demand for training, the development of new technologies, strategies for attracting new talent, as well as tools for measuring the impact of campaigns.

Other key points of interest include: campaign conversion tool via CRM, predictive marketing, business intelligence, financing services for future students and vitally, the impact the reputation of your brand has in terms of recruitment.

Speaking at such an important event such as this is something we’re extremeley proud of at Adsmurai, an indication in the wider community that the work we do with our clients is bringing a ton of success, and long may this continue!

If you’re interested in finding out how Adsmurai can help you scale your social media ads success, get in touch with us on our request more info page with just a little info about your company and what you need from your social media marketing campaign.

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