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Adsmurai & Pinterest Marketing Partners


Adsmurai is extremely proud to announce that we've partnered with a social media giant that brings inspiration to millions through its 'catalogue of ideas', inspiring users to create, explore and enjoy the world, it's Pinterest!


We're not just here to announce our exciting new partnership, we also want to take a look at how this can benefit you, and your brand.


Adsmurai & Pinterest: What does this mean for social media ads?

Adsmurai helps brands automate and scale their social media ads success, increasing ROI, conversion rate, decreasing CPA, reduced cost per conversion amongst other vital KPI's.

Advertising on social media isn't simply about deciding on a budget, throwing an ad together and hoping for the best. Campaigns must be optimized or you will find that not only do they fail to meet expectations, but competitors pick up in areas where you've failed to capitalize.

Pinterest boasts a whopping 291 million users, who come to the site looking for inspiration, whether it be for decorating, for fashion, for travel or maybe even food creation ideas, or even just to look at cute dog pictures.

Combining the two entities creates an opportunity for advertisers. The audience is there, they're ready to be inspired, you just have to reach them.


Power of Pinterest - Highly Converting Content

When we take a look at a few stats regarding Pinterest users, we see that they have a high purchase intent, this coupled with fantastic content means one thing, eCommerce sales. So, to the stats!

    • 77% of weekly users have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest.
    • 89% use Pinterest for inspiration in their path to purchase

    • 84% use Pinterest when actively considering products/services to purchase but are undecided.
    • 83% have made a purchase based on content they saw from brands on Pinterest.

This is evidence of the huge role Pinterest plays in converting its users, through highly converting content, users with a high purchase intent, and combined with a gargantuan following of 291 million users means having a solid presence on Pinterest is an absolute must for any brand.


So don't hesitate, if you're brand is advertising on social media, and you feel you could take a portion of the 291 million users on Pinterest, get in touch with us at Adsmurai, send us your details and a little about what you need from your campaign! 


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