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New features to create optimized feeds with Adsmurai Marketing Platform

The quality of product data plays a critical role in the success of advertising campaigns. Creating efficient optimized feeds is essential to ensure that your products are presented in an attractive and relevant way on various platforms, from Google to Meta and beyond. Adsmurai Marketing Platform stands out as a leading tool in this field, constantly offering new features to improve the effectiveness of your feeds and maximize the performance of your campaigns.


Importance of optimizing your product feeds

Optimized Feeds are the backbone of any online product marketing strategy. These feeds go beyond simply listing products; they are designed to present detailed and relevant information about each item, thus maximizing their impact on the target audience. Some of the reasons why optimizing a product feed is crucial include:

  • Relevance and accuracy: By optimizing your feeds, you can ensure that your products are presented in a way that is accurate and relevant to your target audience, which increases the chances of conversion.
  • Improved campaign performance: Optimized feeds directly contribute to the performance of your ad campaigns by providing high-quality product data that increases the effectiveness of your ads.
  • Competitiveness: In a crowded marketplace, the quality of your feeds can make the difference between standing out from the crowd or getting lost in the digital noise. Optimized feeds help you maintain a competitive edge by presenting your products in a more compelling and engaging way.
  • Personalization: With optimized feeds, you can tailor your product information for different audiences, targeting more effectively and increasing the relevance of your ads.

Optimized feeds are an indispensable tool for any company looking to maximize the return on investment in their online product marketing campaigns.


Segmenting: Filter your catalog for specific audiences

Segmentations are a powerful tool to include or exclude products in your final catalog, allowing you to impact specific audiences effectively. With Adsmurai Marketing Platform, once you have imported your e-commerce data you can apply rules and filters to customize your catalog according to your needs, creating a wide variety of optimized feeds.

  • Inclusion and exclusion of products: Decide which products to include or exclude in your catalog based on predefined rules.
  • Audience filtering: Segment your catalog to target specific user groups, such as adults, women or customers interested in high-end products.
  • Flexibility and power: Adsmurai Marketing Platform offers a wide range of targeting options to suit your marketing objectives.

Below, you can see three examples of common segmentations in product catalogs:

  1. Segmentation by product category: Imagine you have a product catalog that includes clothing for men, women and children. For a specific campaign targeting women, you can apply targeting to include only products from the "Women" category.
  2. Targeting by stock availability: Suppose you want to promote only products that are currently available. You can apply targeting to exclude products that are out of stock, ensuring that your ads show only items that customers can buy.
  3. Price targeting: If you are running a discount campaign and only want to promote products above a certain price range, you can apply targeting to include only products that are priced above $50, for example.

feeds manager segmentations


Optimizations: Improve the quality of your product data

Once the feed is segmented, optimizations allow you to improve your product fields to make them more attractive and relevant to your audience. With Adsmurai Marketing Platform, you can make a variety of modifications to optimize your product data:

  • Refine titles and descriptions: Improve the quality of your product titles and descriptions to increase their attractiveness and relevance.
  • Add custom fields: Create additional fields in your catalog to provide additional information or highlight specific attributes of your products.
  • Product grouping: Create logical sets of products for more effective presentation on advertising platforms.

Below, you can see three examples of common optimizations in product catalogs:

  1. Modification of product titles: Let's say you have an online shoe store and you want to optimize your product titles to include relevant and attractive keywords. You can apply an optimization to add the term "Special Offer" at the end of the titles of the products on offer.
  2. Adding custom fields: If you are promoting a line of beauty products and want to highlight the natural ingredients, you can apply an optimization to add a custom field called "Natural Ingredients" and list the relevant ingredients for each product.
  3. Applying dynamic layouts: Imagine you are promoting a line of sunglasses and want to improve the visual presentation of your ads. You can apply an optimization to use dynamic layouts, which automatically adjust the layout and design of your products based on the customer's device and viewing platform.

Adsmurai Marketing Platform


New features for Optimized Feeds in Adsmurai Marketing Platform: Power your campaigns with the latest functionalities

Adsmurai Marketing Platform offers new features to further optimize your feeds and maximize the performance of your campaigns:

  • Highlight new products: Automatically identify the latest products in your catalog and highlight them in your campaigns to attract the attention of your customers.

Feeds Manager New Since

  • Top Performers: Top Performers is an Adsmurai Marketing Platform feature that identifies and highlights the best performing products in your advertising campaigns. Now, in addition to Top Performers, new metrics such as refund_amount, add_to_cart and checkout have been added to give you more options to optimize your feeds and implement automatic optimizations to your campaigns. In addition, you will be able to use event metrics tracked by One Tag for use in feed optimizations, as opposed to Sales Data Integration which extracts data via synchronization with Google Analytics. 

    This feature allows you to make informed decisions about which products to promote more actively based on their performance in terms of sales, impressions and other key metrics. By using Top Performers, you can maximize the ROI of your campaigns by directing more resources towards the products that are generating significant results.

Top performing products

  • Google Product Category: Take advantage of Google's product categorization to improve the visibility and performance of your products on various platforms.

google product category

  • Advanced Image Recognition: Uses advanced algorithms to categorize and select the best product images in an automated way, improving the visual quality of your ads.

advanced image recognition

  • Deeplink in Meta catalogs: Optimize your catalogs to direct users directly to your mobile app, maximizing conversion and user experience.

deeplink catalogos meta

  • International Catalogs: Unify multiple individual catalogs for countries and campaigns into a single international catalog, simplifying structure and optimizing budgets. In addition, connect your International Catalogs to an organic Instagram profile to organically tag and display products in multiple languages and countries. Improve the efficiency and results of your catalog campaigns with this integrated functionality.

international catalogs amp

With these new features, Adsmurai Marketing Platform continues to be an indispensable tool for creating optimized feeds that drive the success of your product campaigns in the digital marketing world.



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