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Revolutionizing online user tracking with Adsmurai One Tag

Accurate conversion tracking is paramount for advertisers seeking to maximize their investments and achieve business objectives. However, with impending changes such as the Privacy Sandbox and the discontinuation of third-party cookies, traditional tracking methods are becoming obsolete, posing significant challenges for advertisers worldwide. Adsmurai developed and incorporated in its platform Adsmurai Marketing Platform a game-changing solution: One Tag.

The evolution of online user tracking

As the digital advertising landscape undergoes significant transformations, the methods of tracking user interactions and conversions are also evolving rapidly. In 2024, a pivotal shift is occurring, compelling all advertisers to integrate the Conversion API (CAPI) across every advertising platform they leverage. This mandate represents a fundamental change in how advertisers measure and optimize their online campaigns.

The Conversion API emerges as the new standard for measurement in online advertising, offering a modern alternative to traditional pixel-based tracking methods. Unlike pixels, which rely on third-party cookies and browser data, the CAPI operates server-side, allowing advertisers to capture user interactions and conversions directly from their backend systems. This shift addresses privacy concerns and the impending demise of third-party cookies, ensuring more reliable and accurate tracking capabilities.

While major platforms like Meta, Google, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter have developed their own solutions for the Conversion API, widespread adoption among advertisers has been hindered by accessibility and implementation hurdles. Advertisers often face challenges in understanding the technical requirements of the CAPI, as well as the complexities of integrating it across multiple advertising platforms. Additionally, the need for programming knowledge and server configuration poses significant barriers for many advertisers, limiting their ability to leverage the full potential of the Conversion API.


Introducing Adsmurai One Tag

Amidst the complexities of modern online user tracking, Adsmurai One Tag has settled as a comprehensive solution, formerly known as "Serverless Tracking." Having managed over 100 billion events, including engagements from renowned brands like Mango and Desigual, One Tag stands out as the simplest and most effective tool available to advertisers.

Adsmurai One Tag

Adsmurai One Tag hosted at the Adsmurai Marketing Platform streamlines the integration of the Conversion API across multiple platforms, eliminating the need for intricate coding knowledge or complex server configurations. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to advertisers of all skill levels, democratizing access to advanced tracking capabilities.

In a landscape riddled with challenges, Adsmurai One Tag serves as a beacon of simplicity and efficiency. It offers advertisers a streamlined solution to navigate the complexities of the Conversion API, ensuring seamless implementation and optimal performance across various advertising platforms.

With the impending mandate for CAPI implementation and the ever-evolving privacy landscape, staying ahead of the curve is imperative for advertisers. Adsmurai One Tag empowers advertisers to embrace the future of online user tracking with confidence. By providing a cost-effective, accessible, and comprehensive solution, One Tag enables advertisers to maximize their investments in digital media while adhering to evolving regulations and standards.


Key features of Adsmurai One Tag

  • Competitive cost structure: Choose from three available plans - Standard, Premium, and Enterprise - to suit your budget and requirements.
  • Easy setup: Say goodbye to programming and server configuration headaches. One Tag allows effortless tracking setup on platforms like Meta, Snapchat, Pinterest, and TikTok with a single configuration.
  • Tracking Health functionality: Detects and prevents measurement errors early with the new "Tracking Health" feature, ensuring optimal performance and accurate results.

onetag - adsmurai

Setting up Adsmurai One Tag is a breeze:

  1. Obtain your pixel ID and access token from Events Manager.
  2. Input the pixel's ID and access token into your user dashboard.
  3. Generate your API key within your user dashboard.
  4. Utilize the provided GTM template to configure your events using the generated API key.

Unlock your event tracking potential

Adsmurai One Tag isn't just a solution—it's a gateway to unlocking the full potential of event tracking across your preferred advertising platforms. Whether you're utilizing Pinterest, Google, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Criteo, Meta, or TikTok, One Tag provides a seamless integration that empowers advertisers to capture valuable data insights with ease.

Gone are the days of juggling multiple tracking methods for different platforms. With Adsmurai One Tag, advertisers can streamline their event tracking efforts by consolidating everything into one user-friendly interface. This means no more jumping between platforms or dealing with disparate tracking systems—One Tag brings it all together in a cohesive and efficient manner.

It simplifies the setup process by seamlessly integrating with Google Tag Manager (GTM). This allows advertisers to leverage GTM's powerful features for event tracking without the need for complex server configurations or coding expertise. With just a few clicks, advertisers can set up event tracking across multiple platforms, ensuring accurate data collection and analysis.




By unlocking their event tracking potential with Adsmurai One Tag, advertisers gain valuable insights into user behavior, campaign performance, and conversion attribution. This data enables them to make informed decisions, optimize their campaigns in real-time, and drive better results for their business objectives.


Protecting User Privacy

At Adsmurai, safeguarding user privacy and maintaining data security are not just priorities—they are foundational principles that guide every aspect of our operations. We understand the importance of protecting sensitive information and ensuring that user data remains secure at all times.

To uphold the highest standards of privacy protection, we utilize advanced encryption techniques such as SHA-256 to hash user data. This secure mechanism anonymizes and protects information, making it virtually impossible for unauthorized parties to access or decipher sensitive data. With SHA-256 encryption, users can trust that their personal information remains confidential and secure throughout the tracking process.

Moreover, at Adsmurai, we adhere to strict data retention policies to further enhance user privacy. We do not keep long-term logs of user data, ensuring that information is retained only for as long as necessary to fulfill its intended purpose. By minimizing data retention periods, we mitigate the risk of unauthorized access and maintain the confidentiality of user information.

Our commitment to user privacy extends beyond technical measures to encompass a culture of confidentiality and trust. We understand the importance of transparency and accountability in handling user data, and we continuously strive to exceed industry standards for privacy protection. Users can have confidence that their information is treated with the utmost care and respect, in full compliance with relevant regulations and best practices.


Empowering advertisers with Adsmurai One Tag

Adsmurai One Tag redefines online user tracking, offering advertisers a simple and effective solution to navigate the evolving digital advertising landscape. With Adsmurai One Tag, advertisers can ensure accurate measurement, optimize campaign performance, and achieve their business objectives with confidence.



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