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full funnel advertising

[Ebook] Unlock the power of Paid Media advertising

We invite you to embark on this exciting digital marketing journey and take your full funnel strategy to the next level - get ready to discover new...

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[Ebook] GA4 Essentials: Navigating Key Features and Troubleshooting Tips

Uncover the secrets of Google Analytics 4 and gain a comprehensive understanding of its key features and functionalities. From setting up your GA4...

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gestion feeds producto

[Ebook] Definitive Guide to Product Feed Management

Today, building a product feed correctly is key to the future promotion of your products. There are a few key components necessary to accurately and...

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full funnel strategy guide

[eBook] Basic guide on a full-funnel strategy

Today's users are continuously exposed to multiple platforms, devices and channels. Purchase processes tend to be longer and take into account many...

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performance max campaigns google

[eBook] Ultimate Guide: Performance Max Campaigns in Google

In the era of Big Data and automation, where every little bit of information is valuable, data-driven decision making is key to business success. Do...

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pinterest ads

[Guide] How to start with Pinterest Ads

Users are often looking for ideas and inspiration to guide their purchase intent and rarely for a specific brand. That's why Pinterest is an...

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social media cheat sheet

[eBook] Social Media Cheat Sheet 2024

In an increasingly interconnected world, social media has emerged as a key pillar of digital marketing. Welcome to the annual edition of the Social...

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ugc dynamic ads

[eBook] The superpower of combining UGC and Dynamic Ads

User-generated content brings three main benefits to your Paid Media campaign: imbuing the brand with the influencer's aura, reaching audiences in...

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[Guide] Micro-influencers for eCommerce: How to improve conversions at no cost

Discover why micro-influencers have become the ideal alternative for companies that want to advertise on social media without investing money and...

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social media ad formats

[Guide] Social Media Ad Formats and Specifications for 2024

We bring you a guide with all the specifications and recommendations for your Social Media ads in 2024. Don't miss it!

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