Adsmurai Education Insights during COVID-19

Adsmurai Education Insights during COVID-19

The education sector has slowed down with only select higher education programs continuing online courses.

UNESCO has estimated that this is affecting close to 300 million students. 

Online is the way 

Globally, the education systems were not prepared to take on this course of action and in many places technology is still lacking to ensure it can be executed to full capacity. Nonetheless, this pause can only last for so long and there will be a need to continue education from homes if quarantines persist.

Beyond the institutions, edTech is another category which is most likely to grow in the coming months. edTech companies provide tools and platforms for institutions to help connect teachers and students and facilitate online learning.


It's time to empower Brand Awareness 

Marketing for educational institutions and centers will come in two phases. The first is an actual offer of online courses and services (if available), and the second is a reminder that application and enrollment remains open for the coming school year.

Brand awareness is key, as well as proving that resources and technology exists to ensure proper teaching and formation.

edTech, on the other hand, is mainly a B2B business. Most schools and institutions will be looking into edTech products as they rush to form a system of online education, edTech companies should be forward looking, not only trying to capture the market today, but also ensuring that institutions will be prepared in the future if a similar event occurs.


LinkedIn plays a vital role in the more professional category of education. On top of that, Facebook and SEM can provide additional information on interested customers and offer quality leads.

A huge opportunity for edTech

Private institutions, MBA programs and some colleges across the world have switched to online teaching if they already had the systems in place beforehand.


Estonia has offered to provide free use of all its edTech to support the education system of other countries.

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