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What are Facebook Messenger Ads?

For any brand, Facebook Messenger is an optimal tool to get closer and create a bond with its users and customers.  Now, the paid option for advertisers has been launched after months in Beta. So, we tell you about its features, advantages and limitations.

Facebook Messenger as a destination

  • Available campaign targets: Redirect users to Messenger from your Conversion or Traffic campaigns.

  • Available platforms & devices: Facebook & Instagram from desktop and mobile news feed*.

  • Available formats: Carousel, image, slideshow (only from FB).

How to use it? In case you advertise a very specific product or service it will help the user to solve their doubts, ask for an appointment and push sales.


Facebook Messenger as placement

For now there are 2 options available: home and sponsored.

  • Home

    Include your ads on the Messenger home page and between the user's conversations.

    • Available campaign targets: This option is available for Conversion or Traffic campaigns.

    • Target: It has the same targeting options as the other placements.

    • Placement: You can combine this option with all other locations.

How to use it? Include Facebook Messenger as a location in your strategy to expand the reach of your campaign.

  • Sponsorship

    Open a conversation with those users who have already contacted you.

    • Available campaign targets: This option is available for Conversion or Traffic campaigns.

    • Target: In order to create the target, you must first create a Custom Audience with "Users who have interacted with my page". As the audience is probably very low, I recommend you to create Lookalikes to increase the potential audience.

    • Available Placement: This option excludes any other placement.

    • Available Format: Only available for Image.

    • Payment type & Optimization: Only per impressions, possibly due to try to increase the small audience available.

How to use it? Messenger sponsorships are highly useful to build customer loyalty or nudge your prospects, why not offer them an extra discount as a thank you for contacting you directly?


Facebook Messenger Bots

A bot, in the case of Messenger, is nothing more than a robot configured to offer customer service. In this way, the service is automated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with pre-established messages including images, buttons and all kinds of information that can be acquired.

If you want to create your bot and automate customer service for your brand, contact us!


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