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Adsmurai integrates its technology with the most important platforms

In previous articles, we presented Adsmurai Marketing Platform (AMP) as a technology that allows you to control (within a single place) each and every one of the functionalities you need to scale your Paid Media campaigns.

And we have good news! From now AMP is integrated with the 8 most important platforms of the Paid Social & Paid Search ecosystem in its Reporting and Budget Control features.



The top leading platforms are now in AMP

AMP has been designed to suit your needs and streamline your tasks, giving you the tools and information necessary to optimize your advertising investments in the leading platforms: Facebook & Instagram, Google, Pinterest, Linkedin, TikTok, VK, Snapchat and Twitter.


What are the advantages of this multiplatform integration?

    • Save time and take control of the main metrics of your Paid Media strategy

    • Compare between any platform and see the impact of your actions on the information you want to see

  • adsmurai-marketing-platform-overview 
    • Access to your metrics based on your goals (Upper Funnel, Mid Funnel, Low Funnel)

    • Check the data by country to discover how your campaigns are running on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok

    • During the campaign execution you will be able to keep control, at all times, of the executed investments of your multiplatform planning

    • Get notified in your email in case of any deviation of the execution according to the budget set in the media plan on any of the platforms 

See what else can you do with Adsmurai Marketing Platform

Strategy & Smart Planning

Through Benchmarks & Forecasts features you will be able to define a winning strategy for your company based on market insights and anticipate the expected impact on Facebook & Instagram.


Feed Management

Thanks to Feeds feature, you can generate ads instantly from your product catalog, producing dynamic ads optimized for the following channels: Facebook, Instagram, Google & Pinterest.


Optimized Creatives

Get the right message with the right ad with Creatives feature.
Create beautiful ads with our tools and templates or import your own creatives and maximize your ROI by applying custom designs and dynamic texts for each objective. Adapt your creations to the specs of each platform (Facebook, Instagram, Google & Pinterest)

So, if you want to keep up to date with your results on multiple channels, seeing, on a single screen, all the data you need with AMP we make it very easy for you.

Contact us and take the opportunity to get the most out of your Paid Media Strategy!
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