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Desigual and its innovative secret with Dynamic ads

The fashion brand is able to differentiate from its competitors by using certain unique sales formats.

Any brand’s goal is to distinguish from the competition in order to achieve better results. In e-commerce, it is evident a before and after the use of dynamic ads. But now, there is a new format that allows e-commerce to reach an even better outcome. It allows you to reinvent and further optimize the results of your own ad. Furthermore, this said tool is not even available in Facebook’s Ads Manager.

Why change something that works so well?

It might seem like an unnecessary risk to change something that has been as successful as dynamic ads or even to think in the possible integration issues it might have with Facebook and its platforms. However, this could not be further away from reality.

  • It is very simple to use
  • Integration is not necessary
  • It is 100% compatible with Facebook & Instagram

Take advantage of all the available material to reinforce the sale

In order to understand this new format, we need to start from the beginning. A usual dynamic ads includes the main product image as well as any information contained in the catalog displayed in the text box. The important thing is its dynamic way and accordance to each product.

So, we focused on finding new, unique, unconventional formats, where brands can highlight their products even more, further differentiating them from its competitors. Due to the fact that the feed usually includes various images and details of the product, in order to be able to display all of them, we created the Creatives tool.

A customized overlay invented by you. Determine the design of the image box. Use as many images of the product as you want. And, you can even add extra text. Everything will be adapted and customized for each product of your catalog. Simple, isn’t it? An exclusive functionality of Adsmurai Marketing Platform.

More product, more showcase, more information and, therefore, more possibility to sell. A personalized format for each brand that encourages the sale of products from every angle possible.


Carousel Collage by Desigual Carousel Collage by Desigual


Desigual: +74% en ROAS by using Creatives

Desigual was one of the first brands to use this new format and they began seeing the positive results soon after this. They used this layout to show various perspectives of the product, highlighting their features and attributes and even displaying the lifestyle. By increasing the visibility of each product, a higher transparency and closeness to the user was achieved.

In just the first month, Desigual was able to increase their ROAS by 74%, compared to the results of the previous one without Creatives. A notorious increase that persuade them to keep betting on this new format. Discover the complete story here.


Do you want to try it? Just follow the next steps:

  • Have your product catalog prepared
  • Create your 100% customized ad design
  • Publish your campaign in Collage and check the lift with your results.

Feel free to contact us and let us know that you want to use Creatives in your next campaign and you can trust that we will take care of it.


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