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Adsmurai strengthens its commitment to the digital marketing community by launching its Partners Program for agencies

Barcelona, 17 October 2023 //

Having established itself as a technology company, Adsmurai is taking a step forward by announcing its Partner Program, an initiative that seeks to forge strong relationships with digital marketing agencies. 

The Adsmurai Partner Program represents a significant opportunity for digital marketing agencies to improve their operational efficiency, optimise their advertising strategies and access strategic training resources. Improving, in turn, the performance of their clients

Thanks to the access and easy configuration of Adsmurai Marketing Platform as partners, agencies can explore new opportunities. They can control budgets, manage advertising structures and make data-driven decisions to allocate budgets and plan campaigns. This allows them to adapt to changing market conditions and optimise their performance and that of their clients.

An agency-centred approach

With the goal of continually finding the perfect combination of efficiency, innovation and collaboration, Adsmurai's Partner Program has landed in the market as an extension of the technology company's commitment to the digital marketing community.
"At Adsmurai, we understand the complexities and challenges these agencies face on a daily basis. That's why we have created a Partner Program designed to be a key alliance in their day-to-day work" Oriol Solé, Product Manager at Adsmurai.

Towards business optimisation and control

The program starts with a focus on optimization and business control by providing agencies with the necessary tools to make more informed decisions, exercise greater control over their operations, and enhance efficiency in all aspects.
"Collaboration and empowerment have played a key role in our strategy for launching the Partner Program" Leticia Vioque, New Business Product Strategist at Adsmurai.
Through the Adsmurai Partner Program, agencies can manage multiple clients with greater control and efficiency. This allows them to make more informed decisions, optimise operations and improve coordination between teams and clients.

Unlocking customer potential

In addition to optimisation and control, agencies are looking for personalisation and performance. Adsmurai's platform gives them the ability to plan, create and measure Paid Media strategies across all channels. This allows agencies to tailor their approaches to meet the specific needs of their clients. "Data-driven personalisation is the key to maximising impact and increasing conversion rates" Anna Rodriguez, Head of Customer Success at Adsmurai.
With the launch of the Partner Program, Adsmurai demonstrates its strong commitment to the digital marketing community, providing agencies with the tools and collaboration needed to optimise their operations, personalise effective strategies and unlock the potential of their clients. This initiative represents a milestone in Adsmurai's journey towards innovation and excellence in digital marketing. The company looks forward to further strengthening its relationships with agencies and continuing to be a valuable partner in their ongoing success.

More information about the Partner Program


About Adsmurai:


Adsmurai, a technology company specialising in strategy, optimisation and measurement of digital marketing campaigns, scales the real growth of brands, bringing together the best talent and innovative solutions.

Born with the vision of generating a positive impact on people through better advertising, it has its headquarters in Barcelona and four offices worldwide. Since 2014, Adsmurai has brought together over 300 digital experts, creatives, and developers, making it one of the few companies globally with official partnerships with Facebook, Instagram, Google Premium, Pinterest, and TikTok (in addition to collaborations with Linkedin, Snapchat, and Twitter).

Following the recent acquisition of Zinkdo, a consultancy and organic content company, and the consolidation of the Search, Programmatic and Creative departments, Adsmurai positions itself in 2023 as a leading force in the digital market, focusing on diversifying its full-funnel services.



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