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Improve feed quality with Catalog Health

Adsmurai has recently launched a feature called Catalog Health, designed to improve the quality of product feeds shared with Google Merchant Center. This functionality ensures that product data is accurate, complete and optimised to meet Google's guidelines, improving the performance and visibility of your products.


¿Qué es Catalog Health?

Catalog Health, the new feature of Feeds by Adsmurai Marketing Platform, allows you to review Google Merchant's product catalogue diagnostics, identifying which fields are not correct and creating optimised feeds to fix them. This ensures that products meet Google's requirements and maximises their impact on advertising campaigns.

Types of errors detected with Catalog Health

Catalog Health identifies two main types of problems:

  1. Errors: These are critical issues that can result in the rejection of your products by the Google Merchant Center. Validation is based on Google's documentation and Adsmurai's extensive experience, performing complex validations adapted to the specific requirements of each country to ensure compliance with local regulations.

  2. Warnings: These are suggestions for improving product listings, increasing their visibility and performance on Google Merchant Center. Recommendations are based on best practices and optimisation strategies.

Validation frequency

Catalog Health validates a feed each time it has been processed, ensuring that the data is always up to date and compliant with current regulations.


Where to find Catalog Health?

You can access Catalog Health in the Optimized Feeds section. When clicked, the validation of your last processed feed will be displayed, including:

  • % of products without errors

  • Fields with errors and warnings

Clicking on a field with an error or warning details what is wrong and offers two options:

  • See an example of a product with that problem.

  • Correct the problem, which leads to creating a transformation to fix it in your optimised feed.

Measuring with Health Scoring

Health Scoring focuses on three types of fields:

  • Mandatory fields: availability, description, id, image_link, link, price and title. There may be more than one required field depending on the country and product category.

  • Recommended fields: additional_image_link, age_group, brand, colour, etc.

  • Available fields: availability_date, condition, material, mobile_link, external_seller_id, etc.

Additional enhancements to your product catalogue after completing the diagnosis

#1 Advanced image recognition

Advanced Image Recognition is a feature that automatically selects the best images for each product. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, this tool can identify objects, people, animals and other elements in images, allowing for accurate and effective categorisation.

Enabling Image Recognition in your Feeds unlocks the image_recognition field, which provides a series of tags related to the visual content of each product image. This allows you to optimise your product catalogue efficiently by selecting the best images for your catalogue ads.


#2 Automatic configuration of Google Category Mapping

Google Category Mapping is a feature that automates the mapping of product categories in your catalogue. Based on artificial intelligence, it predicts the product category field based on product information, ensuring better campaign performance by providing detailed and relevant information.

#3 Sales data integration

Sales Data Integration (also called Top Performers) allows you to connect your catalogue with your Google Analytics account and categorise all your products by visits, sales and revenue. This makes it easier to create more effective campaigns by highlighting the best performing products.


#4 Artificial intelligence background erasure

For Google Shopping catalogues, the platform recommends using a solid white or transparent background to ensure your product image works with a variety of design elements. With the "Background Remover" functionality, you can perform automatic detection and removal of product backgrounds, ensuring that your images comply with Google's recommended best practices.

#5 Image resizing

Image resizing is essential when the images that come in the advertiser's catalogue do not fit the requirements of the platforms. Adsmurai Marketing Platform's Creatives functionalities allow this to be solved, adjusting the images so that they adapt perfectly to the necessary specifications.

#6 Generation of custom labels

The generation of custom labels is a functionality that allows advertisers to segment their catalogue more effectively. With Adsmurai Marketing Platform, custom labels can be added to categorise and organise products according to various marketing strategies, facilitating the creation of more targeted and efficient campaigns.


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