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Pivot Tables: Optimizing campaign analysis to improve results

In the world of digital marketing, the ability to analyze data efficiently is key to the success of advertising campaigns. In this sense, Pivot Tables have become an indispensable tool for marketers who want to extract valuable insights from their data. In this article, we will explore what Pivot Tables are and how they can be fully leveraged in the Adsmurai Marketing Platform to optimize your reporting and campaign analysis.


What are Pivot Tables?

Pivot Tables are a core feature within Adsmurai Marketing Platform's group of reporting tools, designed to create customized reports based on a variety of criteria, from line of business to advertising platform used. With Pivot Tables, users can efficiently segment and analyze data to gain valuable insights into the performance of their campaigns.

pivot tables adsmurai marketing platform

Configuring and analyzing Pivot Tables is easy. Users can select specific filters and relevant metrics for their reports, as well as save custom configurations for future use. In addition, the option to create custom metrics provides additional flexibility to tailor reports to the specific needs of each campaign.

Pivot Tables allow detailed analysis of key metrics at each stage of the conversion funnel. From brand awareness to conversion and retention, marketers can use Pivot Tables to evaluate the performance of their campaigns at different points in the customer journey. In addition, the ability to compare metrics across different channels provides a complete view of the advertising landscape.

One of the outstanding features of Pivot Tables in the Adsmurai Marketing Platform is its ability to automate periodic reporting. By saving configurations and filters as templates, users can streamline the reporting process and focus on making strategic, data-driven decisions.

Once the report is assembled, Adsmurai Marketing Platform allows you to share it through a link with other members of the organization who have access to the account on the platform, download in CSV and XLSX or ask the AI Insights functionality that through a selection of campaign fields, metrics and period to prepare an automated report with valuable information. 


Powering analysis with Pivot Tables

Maximizing efficiency with data extraction automation
Implementing Pivot Tables not only provides an efficient solution for analyzing data, but also revolutionizes the data mining process in digital marketing. By automating this crucial task, marketing teams can optimize their time and resources, spending less effort on manual tasks and more time on data-driven interpretation and action. This automation not only speeds up analysis, but also ensures data consistency and accuracy, driving informed and strategic decision making.

Increased accuracy with Pivot Tables in GA4 Data Analysis
Accuracy in data analysis is critical in digital marketing, and Pivot Tables raises the standard by providing a more accurate way to analyze Google Analytics 4 (GA4) data. By using unique identifiers such as utm_id to track paid campaigns, Pivot Tables ensures greater accuracy in data tracking compared to traditional methods. This improved accuracy not only provides a clearer view of campaign performance, but also increases confidence in the data, enabling more informed and strategic decisions.

Empowering decision making with Pivot Tables
Pivot Tables' ability to make GA4 data easier to understand not only benefits digital marketing teams, but also their clients. By gaining a better understanding of what's happening based on the data, teams can help their clients make more informed and strategic decisions, thereby improving overall campaign performance. This ability to empower decision-making helps build strong client relationships and drive successful long-term results.

Transforming data into accessible insights with intuitive visualization
Intuitive data visualization is critical to ensuring that information is understandable and accessible to all users. By emphasizing the importance of representing data in a graphical and accessible way, Pivot Tables not only simplifies the understanding of data, but also enhances the user experience. By eliminating the need to review extensive data tables, Pivot Tables allows users to focus on key insights, making it easier to make strategic decisions and achieve impactful digital marketing results.

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What is AI Insights?

AI Insights is an Adsmurai Marketing Platform feature that integrates artificial intelligence into the data analysis process. This tool allows marketers to select specific campaign fields, relevant metrics and time periods to receive automated reports with key insights. By using advanced machine learning algorithms, AI Insights can identify patterns, trends and correlations in the data, providing actionable recommendations to optimize marketing strategies.

AI Insights Adsmurai Marketing Platform


Benefits of AI Insights

  • Time savings: Automating data analysis allows marketers to spend less time on manual tasks and more time interpreting results and making strategic decisions.
  • Accuracy: By using advanced algorithms, AI Insights can identify insights that may be missed by traditional manual analysis, improving the accuracy and relevance of recommendations.
  • Personalization: AI Insights allows users to select specific campaign fields and metrics of interest, ensuring that the reports generated are relevant to each user's specific needs.
  • Immediate action: By receiving automated reports with actionable insights, marketers can make quick and effective decisions to optimize their marketing strategies and improve campaign performance.

AI Insights uses machine learning algorithms to analyze large volumes of data and extract meaningful patterns and trends. Users simply select the campaign fields, metrics and time periods of interest, and AI Insights does the rest. The reports generated provide clear and concise insights, accompanied by recommendations for future action.


Leveraging Pivot Tables and AI Insights in tandem

Integrating Pivot Tables with AI Insights in the Adsmurai Marketing Platform offers a powerful combination to maximize the analysis and optimization of advertising campaigns. By leveraging these two tools together, marketers can gain a deeper and more complete view of their data, enabling them to make more informed and strategic decisions.

Pivot Tables provides the structure and flexibility needed to efficiently segment and analyze data. Users can customize their reports to their specific needs, from segmenting by line of business to analyzing key metrics at different stages of the conversion funnel. With the ability to automate periodic reports, Pivot Tables streamlines the reporting process, allowing marketers to focus on interpreting results and making decisions.

AI Insights, on the other hand, adds an additional layer of artificial intelligence to data analysis. By using advanced machine learning algorithms, AI Insights can identify patterns, trends and correlations in data that might go unnoticed in manual analysis. This provides marketers with actionable insights and targeted recommendations to optimize their marketing strategies.

By combining Pivot Tables with AI Insights, users can take their data analysis a step further. For example, they can use Pivot Tables to segment data by different variables and then apply AI Insights to identify meaningful patterns or trends within those segmentations. This enables a deeper understanding of campaign performance and makes it easier to identify optimization opportunities.

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