Take advantage of user-generated content to attract your audience and boost sales.

Visual  Commerce
acquisition and filtering

User-generated content: acquisition and filtering

acquisition and filtering

Establish a worldwide search of your brand through hashtags & positioning. Cross-segment the content you are interested in finding with machine & deep learning.

New! Logo detector:
filter or exclude images with your logo.

Catalogue management & product matching

Catalogue management & product matching

Catalogue management & product matching

Highlight sections of the image and associate them with your brand's product catalogue. Shorten the path to a sale with authentic and quality content on your product's pages.

Content galleries optimiser

Content galleries optimizer

Content galleries optimiser

Make the most out of the images that convert more and place them at the top of your gallery. You can also automate the list chronologically or change it to your liking.

Analytics assess data

Analytics, assess data

Analytics assess data

Extracts quantitative and qualitative results for your reports that will also serve to enrich the configuration of your next search.

Why use Visual Commerce?

Using user-generated content in your campaigns provides authenticity and greater credibility to the brand. This is reflected in increased engagement and sales.

  • Real time

    Saves resources when creating graphic content. Every 10 minutes, the database feeds on new images from users.

  • For everyone

    You don’t need a programmer to configure each search. It has been designed and created so that any user can achieve maximum performance without depending on anyone.

  • Permissions management

    Uses the images available on the web with an easy and automated permission request process, without the need to invest in licences.

  • Scalable

    Deep learning & machine learning allows you to reach the most relevant images for your brand and exclude spam through a precise and coherent filtering of your search

This is how Visual Commerce works

You have seen the main advantages, now discover the tool and how to apply those images to your campaigns.