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6 findings you should take into account in your digital strategy

Spring time means it is time for IAB Spain to present the Annual Social Media Study focused on the digital sector in Spain between 16 and 70 years old, both men and women.

IAB understands social media as networks of contacts where we have a profile and which allows us to interact (create, share and/or participate) with content. Nearly 27 million Spaniards are users of these social networks, almost one million more than a year ago. Although Facebook is still the most popular and awareness of new platforms such as TikTok is increasing significantly, let's see what other conclusions we can highlight for 2021.



6 conclusions you should take into account in your digital strategy

  • WhatsApp, Instagram and TikTok are the social networks with more frequency of daily use. Although there are new additions in the study such as iVoox or Twitch that, surely due to their content in audio/video format, lead the list of networks in which we spend more time.

  • Instagram is consolidating its position as the platform that generates most interaction, ahead of Facebook and Twitter. And what kind of content do they contribute? Giveaways, product news, recipes and tips, discounts, UGC...

  • Mobile continues to be the leading device and SMART TV has significantly increased its presence from 25% to 68% in just one year.

Connection time per device

Connection time per device

  • The relationship between ecommerce and social networks is still very good. Almost 50% of those surveyed do research on them before making a purchase. And 45% state that they have influenced the final purchase decision. Mainly on Instagram and TikTok, which appears strongly in the ranking.

  • As for brands, the content that generates the most interactions and traffic are promotions, giveaways and branding actions. Instagram and Facebook lead the list of social network usage, with TikTok moving up. 

  • Digital marketers use social networks mainly to sell. 66% report investing more in advertising than the previous year, with the largest investment going to Instagram.

In conclusion, we see how the penetration of social networks remains very stable in comparison with previous years and that despite the popularity of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter; there are new networks for the user such as TikTok, Telegram or Pinterest in which they invest more time.


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