Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: Who wins the battle?

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: Who wins the battle?


The eternal dilemma, the million dollar question... And the answer is extremely complex.
We can anticipate that it is a big mistake to confront Facebook & Google.

Although it is true that they position themselves as competitors, they are not in a practical sense. In fact, the vast majority of the companies use both platforms to achieve maximum visibility, increase sales and reach new customers.


What makes them different?

a) Type of user

One of the main differences between these two giants is in the user's mindset.
On Google, people are looking for solutions to their questions, so they are already focused on their purchase intent.
Instead, on Facebook, users are browsing, watching photos, sharing news, chatting ... They are not proactively seeking an answer.

group of users

b) The approach

Taking into account that the intentions of your audience are different between both platforms should also be the focus of your strategy.

On Facebook you should work on creating audiences with interests, demographics and features that match your ad.
On the other hand, in Google campaigns it is important that the campaign keyword selection matches the question that your website answers.

c) Segmentation Options

Facebook offers multiple variety of options when it comes to segmenting and can be much more specific and create different types of audiences.

On the other hand with Google Ads you can not segment as much in detail, demography options and interests are weaker as it is focus on targeting by keywords. But it is noted that users are closer to the purchase decision.

d) The cost of the campaigns

Depending on the sector in which you are, the CPC (Cost per Click) can vary greatly. Although, generally, with Google Ads it is greater than in Facebook, especially in competitive sectors.

Starting on Facebook Ads today is more economically accessible than in Google Ads and the budget you can invest plays an important role.
Although, in general, the investment in Google Ads must be greater, the conversion rate may be higher.

e) Ad formats

Facebook Ads stands out for its image, any ad must have at least one photo. And there are tons of formats: photo ads, video, IG Stories, presentation ads, carousels, collections, canvas ...

Google Ads formats change depending on your location and are not as visual. The most popular in the Search Network is the text-only ad that appears with the "Ad" or "Ads" tag, is displayed above or below the results and consists of a title, a URL and a description. If you have a store, you can use Shopping ads to promote products and increase sales. This format shows users a photo of the product, a title, the price and the name of the store in Google Shopping and in the search results. If you want to direct calls to your company, Google offers you a mobile-only format in which the click on the ad starts a call.

wall "together" word


So, which one is the one?

The moment of truth has arrived and, yes, here is our opinion.

Both Google Ads and Facebook Ads are incredibly powerful advertising platforms that adapt to any type of business.

Facebook Ads is perfect to give visibility, improve the positioning and recognition of your brand. If you are looking for awareness, you have it!

Google Ads is perfect for attracting customers who are already in the purchase research process and have a determined interest. So, if you are looking to sell products directly, do not hesitate.

Remember that the use of Facebook does not rule out Google and vice versa. A mixture between them  can open a new world of possibilities.

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