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google demand gen campaigns

Google's Demand Generation Campaigns: Unlocking Consumer Engagement

In today's dynamic consumer landscape, individuals engage with brands across numerous channels and touch points, accessing them at their convenience...

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google display network

Google Ads Display Network: Reaching a Wider Audience with Visual Ads

In the fast-paced digital era, the competition to capture consumer attention has never been more intense. To navigate this dynamic landscape...

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google ai

Boost your business success with Google AI

In the world of digital marketing, artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way companies reach customers, design impactful creative and...

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Basic guide to Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

If your company's goal is to start generating brand awareness and obtain a higher conversion rate, your solution is SEM positioning. This type of...

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Smart Bidding strategies Google Ads

Maximize ROI with Smart Bidding in Google Ads

Today, advertising campaigns require careful management and intelligent approaches to achieve the desired results. In a scenario of accelerated...

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migrate google analytics 4

How to migrate Universal Analytics data to GA4

Since its launch in 2005, Google Analytics has become the basic tool for any digital marketer to measure their digital marketing strategies. In order...

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DV360 Google

Everything you should know about Google Display & Video 360 (DV360)

Managing a Paid Media campaign involves making many decisions like choosing a target, finding the audience to impact, getting suitable placements for...

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YouTube Action Campaigns

YouTube Action Campaigns: How do they work?

Ads appearing on YouTube are becoming increasingly important for companies' digital positioning strategy on social media. This platform helps you...

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Google Discovery Ads

The keys to Google's Discovery Ads: focus on conversions

Google's Discovery campaigns is the platform's solution that allows advertisers to launch more compelling and visually appealing ads with the goal of...

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campañas locales

Local Campaigns in Google Ads: What are they and how do they work?

Do you know about Google local campaigns? Their main objective is to attract potential customers to your physical locations. To do this, Google...

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