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Adsmurai is TikTok Marketing Partners

In May 2021, Adsmurai became the first Spanish company to integrate its technology with the TikTok API through its Adsmurai Marketing Platform. The alliance between Adsmurai and TikTok reconfirms the commitment and the collaboration of both companies with the innovation in digital marketing. 


As TikTok Marketing Partners we have joined the community of technology companies that help marketers achieve success in their campaigns on TikTok. To get this partnership, we have had to achieve repeated success on TikTok’s marketing platform by helping marketers in the process of solving complex challenges in their Social Ads campaigns.

Our case study with Stradivarius is an excellent example of this association. By using two brilliantly effective TikTok ad formats, we generated awareness with fashion shoppers in Spain for Stradivarius’ new services - Stradishopers TV. The combination of the Top View format - full screen when the app is opened - and strategic In-Feed Ads that natively appeared in the “For You” feed, let us achieve these big success metrics for Stradivarius:

    • 12K New Followers

    • 14.02s Average Watch Time

    • 16.21% Engagement Rate 


Adsmurai’s specialties on TikTok are campaign management, agency services and creative. These badges given to Adsmurai mean that our technology and expertise make it easy to find scaled success by making the most of our clients ad offering. Also, rewards our team creativity to help clients generate ads at scale applying best practices and reporting insights. 

TikTok is a brand new opportunity for brands to reach a worldwide and very committed audience. It is also a chance to reduce the conversion funnel process of your campaigns. TikTok audience level of engagement allows brands to generate a very powerful first impact on target audience and directly retargeting them for conversion.

You may now be wondering how to create a TikTok campaign. Start deciding the objective of your TikTok campaign: Maybe you want to create awareness? Maybe it’s time for the audience to consider your brand or are you probably wondering about driving valuable actions? Once you have decided on it, it’s time to set up the target of your TikTok campaign. Choose your ad placements, fill in ad details and set your audience, budget, schedule, bidding method and delivery type. A lot to decide before moving on to the next step: Designing your TikTok ecommerce Ads. Remember: Don’t Make Ads, Make TikToks. Your content must look organic. TikTok Ads Manager includes video creation and editing tools to make it easier for your marketing team.

At this point, you may be curious about how TikTok could effectively grow your business. 


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