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6 Best practices for your ads on TikTok

More than 3 billion downloads worldwide, 89 minutes per user per day on average, 546 billion monthly video views or 22,600 TikToks created every hour. TikTok has definitely got the attention of the whole world. But what if your Ads fail to capture the attention of the platform's algorithm? 


One of the most important aspects when creating a TikTok campaign for your e-commerce is the creative. Finding the perfect creative is a task based on trial and error until it captures the user's attention. These are some of Adsmurai's TikTok creative recommendations.




Best practice #1 Get discovered through hashtags

The TikTok, ForYou or Para ti homepage was created for discovery. Optimize your Ads for when they appear on it and use hashtags. TikTok will show your content to people who have seen, liked or shared videos with the same hashtag.

On TikTok, new trends are born every day. Choosing trending hashtags will multiply your brand's reach.

Creating your Ads knowing the culture and trends of TikTok will allow the creativity of your campaign to scale.


Best practice #2 Participate as a user

Your brand should be part of TikTok as if it were a user of the platform and so should your ads. Explore the platform and connect with users with real and genuine content. Some recommendations:

  • Your ads should be vertically formatted to look like native content. The smartphone is the device from which the app is mostly accessed.

  • Make sure your videos feature real-life people and situations to convey to the user reasons why they should try your brand.

  • Add value through tutorials, routines...

  • Use organic content in your Ads and start challenges to go viral.


Best practice #3 Build a team

Partner with influencers and leverage the talent that knows the platform.
Influencer marketing is a strong industry that allows you to create strategies that work. To get better results on TikTok using influencers, make sure they look like natural content and that their audience is similar to the target you want to impact. 
Apart from collaborations, use the content of these strategies. Share and promote it to increase reach and boost results.

influencer marketing global spend

Best practice #4 Create real interactions with your target audience

Create content with an intention and always keep your brand authentic and original to engage with your target audience. Your creative should be consistent with your brand image and your audience should find it engaging. 
At TikTok the focus is on the story you tell, not the budget you have allocated to tell it. Leave your brand's mark with creative and genuine content. Join conversations, start new conversations... The more you post the more chances you have to go viral and reach a wider audience.


Best practice #5 Copies are a must-have basic for your Ads

Not all TikTok users will see your ad in its entirety. For this reason, it is essential to write a concise and informative description. Here are some of our recommendations for your TikTok copy:

  • Keep in mind that once the video is uploaded, you will not be able to retouch the copy.

  • The copy is important, the words are metadata for the platform.

  • Use between 1 and 5 hashtags to get closer to your target audience.

  • Add subtitles to encourage user engagement.

  • The CTA is essential. It is better if it is simple and direct: buy, learn more, get started...

Best practice #6 Diversify content and stand out with your ads

Your ads should be short (9-15 seconds) and get straight to the point. Make sure to attract users' attention from the first seconds with attractive visual elements (bright colors, text on the screen...).

Creative marketing makes your brand grow. That's why we recommend creating different types of TikTok to get more engagement. What formats can make your Ads stand out?

  • Transitions

  • Duos

  • Trends

  • Series

  • Responses

  • Native Effects

Use the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) strategy in your ads and create the need for users to know more about your brand.

Remember to incorporate background music in your ads to make them more enjoyable. Do not use unlicensed music or sounds, TikTok has a commercial music library with more than 7,000 tracks.

Now that you know our recommendations, explore what content works best for your brand on TikTok and remember to update your creatives at least once a week.



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