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TikTok Ads: 3 tips to optimize your campaigns

Monitoring the performance of your TikTok campaigns is one of the most important steps to take to ensure your ads achieve their goals. Monitoring performance and optimizing your campaigns will help you achieve better results - don't miss out on these 3 tips!




Tip #1 Start with a broad target audience

One of the best ways to optimise your TikTok ads is with TikTok Ads Manager - the platform where you manage your TikTok ads - which offers a wide range of targeting (gender, age, interest, location...) to determine precisely which audience you want to see your ads. If you are unsure how to determine which audience group you want your campaign to impact, create a broad audience. With this option selected, the TikTok Ads Manager itself, through an intelligent system, will find the best target for your ads.
By analysing the results of these first campaigns, you will be able to recognise which audience groups click on them and gain insights on how to optimise them. At the same time, the TikTok algorithm will also learn and you will get better results.
Try optimizing your ads by creating similar audiences to customers who are of high value to your brand. The TikTok Ads platform itself will find profiles with similar characteristics to your customers and this will increase the chances of conversion.
Before you start optimizing your campaign and narrowing your target, don't forget to refine your audience by testing different interests and behaviours that could be related to your product or service.



Tip #2 Make sure your conversion event works

Another recommendation to optimise your TikTok Ads is to test different conversion events. An event is the action that the user will take when viewing the campaign and that we can track to get information (view content, add to cart, purchase...).
If you have not yet launched enough campaigns on TikTok and your pixel does not have enough data about your audience, optimize your campaigns for lower level events such as "page view" or "add to cart". These events get a lot more clicks than "purchase" or "checkout" and so your pixel will get data faster. Once the pixel is rich and knows which users respond best to your TikTok Ads, we recommend optimising your top-level event campaigns.
We advise you to use the TikTok Pixel Helper as a support to verify the installation of the pixel and check your website for bugs and/or implementation recommendations.

Tip #3 Use multiple creatives to keep your campaign alive and reduce ad fatigue

Although trial-and-error is often the key to finding out which creative strategy works best in each case, keep in mind these four tips to improve your TikTok Ads creative, which will help you keep your campaign fresh and avoid ad fatigue.

  • Develop native content. Create vertical content, use the text overlay and TikTok's free music library. Make your ad campaigns look organic, for example, through user-generated content.

  • Include people in your ads, just like a TikTok user would do in their videos. A good idea would be to collaborate with a content creator to improve your brand engagement. 

  • Take advantage of the Boosted TikToks option to boost your own content or work with a creator who generates content for your brand. It's a way to reach your exact target and increase the reach of your TikTok campaigns.   

  • Use multiple creatives. We recommend that for each ad group you use at least 3 different creatives and rotate them together with the copies.

Lead Generation TikTok

Example: How we promoted the launch of Nina Ricci's new fragrance with Lead Generation campaigns on TikTok Ads

To promote the launch of Nina Ricci's new fragrance Nina Rose, we featured a popular Spanish creator wearing the fragrance and wearing the brand's t-shirt in the ad creatives, giving the campaign a real sense of authenticity. By encouraging the TikTok community to complete a short form and provide their information, we achieved great results in conversion rate, CTR and CPL. 




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