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mastering ad creatives adsmurai

Mastering ad creatives

Nowadays the power to influence, persuade, and entice customers lies in the art of creating product ad creatives that resonate and captivate. Whether...

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Adapted Creativities

Adapted Creativities: How to Customize your Messages to Win Over Different Audiences

In an increasingly globalized and diverse world, the ability to personalize messages is key to winning over our audience. Knowing how to creatively...

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optimizacion creativa en marketing digital

Best practices for digital marketing creative optimization

Creative testing and optimization in digital marketing is very important because it allows professionals to improve the effectiveness of their...

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Snapchat Lenses

Snapchat Lenses: What it is and how it works

Snapchat is popular because of its augmented reality filters, known as "Lenses". Augmented reality is central to the Snapchat experience. Over 75% of...

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TikTok Story Selection

TikTok Story Selection: The new interactive format

TikTok has introduced a series of new solutions that enable advertisers to better partner with creators and make their ads more engaging. They offer...

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best practices creatives tiktok

+10 Best practices for your creatives in Tik Tok

One of the core components of performance marketing is creativity. In fact, a well-worked creative strategy can make your ads reach their full...

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Ad Fatigue

What is Ad Fatigue and how to avoid it in your digital campaigns

We live in an environment that is hyper-exposed to communicative stimuli. Without realizing it, and even though we often overlook them, these stimuli...

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dynamic creatives

Maximising performance: Best practices for leveraging dynamic creatives

Dynamic creatives play an important role in today's digital marketing strategies, as they can increase engagement and conversion rates by delivering...

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Creative strategies for your social networks in the millennial era

Social networks are more visual every day. We said it last year but then we still couldn’t be aware of all the progresses in all social networks in...

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