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LinkedIn Ads: How to create an effective campaign on the platform

LinkedIn Ads has become a key tool in the digital advertising landscape, as it has a unique approach and the ability to reach a highly targeted and professional audience. 

Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn targets professionals and businesses, which means that ads can be targeted to people with specific skills, experiences and roles. That helps companies reach their target audience directly and increase the chances of generating quality leads.

The platform has established itself as a powerful tool in the digital landscape due to its ability to reach a segmented audience, the variety of advertising formats and the professional context in which it is located.



The importance of LinkedIn Ads in a digital marketing strategy

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional social network. It aims to help companies promote their products and job opportunities to a highly segmented and professional audience. Here are some of the reasons why LinkedIn Ads is important for your digital strategy:

  • AProfessional audience: The platform has a highly professional user base, with updated and complete job profiles. It is ideal for B2B companies and those looking for qualified talent.

  • Advanced targeting: It offers a wide range of targeting options to focus ads on the right audience. You can filter ads through demographics, jobs, interests, LinkedIn groups, etc. This targeting helps maximize the impact and relevance of ads.

  • Lead generation and conversions: Offers ad formats designed to drive lead generation and conversions. You can direct users to your website, making it easy to capture highly qualified leads and track campaign performance.

  • Company branding and visibility: You can show your ads to relevant professionals and establish your presence as a leader in your industry. This is valuable for companies looking to increase their recognition and reputation in a professional environment.

  • Retargeting: The platform provides the ability to perform retargeting, which helps you show ads to people who have previously interacted with your company. It allows you to maintain engagement with interested users and increase the chances of conversion. 

  • Metrics and analytics: Provides detailed metrics and analytics on campaign performance. You can track impressions, conversions, clicks and other metrics to analyze ROI and optimize advertising strategies.

In conclusion, LinkedIn Ads offers a very effective way to reach a professional audience, making it a valuable tool in a marketing strategy.


Setting up a LinkedIn Ads campaign

Setting up a campaign on LinkedIn Ads involves following a few specific steps. Below is a checklist for setting up a campaign on the platform:

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account and access the LinkedIn Campaign Manager platform.

  2. Click on "Create campaign" to start setting up your campaign.

    crear campaña Linkedin Ads
  3. Choose the objective of your campaign. The platform offers different advertising objectives, such as:

    • Lead generation: Increase the number of prospects interested in your products or services. You can measure this through the number of completed forms or content downloads. 

    • Brand recognition: Increase visibility and awareness of your brand. You can measure this through metrics such as the reach and frequency of your ads.

    • Website traffic: Drive more traffic to your website and increase visits. You can measure this through the number of clicks on your ads and click-through rate (CTR).

    • Event promotion: You can measure this through the number of registrations or confirmed attendees.

    • Talent recruitment: To recruit new employees or qualified professionals, you can set as a goal the recruitment of talent. You can measure this through the number of job applications received or hires made.

    objetivo campaña linkedin ads

  4. Define the details of your campaign: Include the campaign name, language, budget, schedule and duration of the campaign.


  5. Segment your audience: Allows you to segment your audience by demographics, geographic location, job title, interests, etc. Define who your target customer is and adjust segmentation parameters accordingly.

    segmentar audiencia linkedin ads

  6. Create your ad: Choose the ad format you want to use, it can be:

    • Text ads: title, description and destination URL.

    • Single image ads: Include an eye-catching image, headline and a brief description. Ideal for generating brand recognition and promoting products or services. 

    • Carousel ads: Allows multiple images to be displayed in a single ad. 

    • Video ads: Duration up to 30 minutes and are ideal to convey more detailed messages.

    • Sponsored message ads: These are sent directly to the user's inbox as a personalized message.

    • Sponsored content ads: Appear in users' LinkedIn newsfeed as native posts.

    Next, create the ad content, including the title, description, image/video and destination URL.

    formatos anuncio linkedin ads

  7. Set the bid and budget: Decide how much you are willing to pay per click (CPC) or per thousand impressions (CPM) and set the daily or total budget for the campaign.

  8. Set up conversion tracking: If you want to track conversions generated by ads, you can add LinkedIn conversion tracking to your website.

    seguimiento campaña linkedin ads

  9. Review and launch your campaign: Make sure to review all the details and settings. Then click "Launch campaign".

  10. Monitor and optimize your campaign: Look at key metrics such as click-through rate, impressions, conversions and make adjustments as needed in order to improve results.

With careful planning and strategic execution, you will be able to set up an effective LinkedIn Ads campaign and leverage the potential of this platform to achieve your advertising goals.


LinkedIn Ads campaign optimization

Here are some steps to follow to optimize your LinkedIn Ads campaigns and maximize their effectiveness.

  • Establishment of effective bids and budgets:

    • Clearly define the objectives you want to achieve on LinkedIn Ads.

    • Use the right bidding strategy according to your goals: Cost per click (CPC), Cost per thousand impressions (CPM) or Cost per action (CPA).

    • Adjust bids based on the performance of your ads and the value you are getting from them.

    • Set a daily or total budget that is aligned with your goals and allows you to get results without exceeding your spending limits.

  • Creation of attractive and convenient advertisements:

    • Customize ads based on your target audience and their interests. 

    • Include high-quality images or videos that are visually appealing and align with your messages.

    • Use persuasive and clear calls to action so that users are motivated to click on your ads.

    • Test different types of ad variations in order to identify what works best.

  • Follow-up and analysis of results:

    • Use LinkedIn's tracking pixel in order to collect data on conversions and performance of your ads. 

    • Regularly analyze the reports and metrics provided by LinkedIn Ads in order to understand how your campaigns are performing.

    • Perform A/B testing to compare different elements of your ads.

Remember that optimizing LinkedIn Ads campaigns is an ongoing process. It is key to regularly monitor and adjust your strategies and tactics to ensure maximum ad performance.


Best practices and tips for LinkedIn Ads

In order to get the most out of the platform and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns, it is important to follow some practices and tips. Below, we show you a series of recommendations to take advantage of the advanced features and tools of LinkedIn Ads:

  • Define your objectives: Before starting, it is important to have clear objectives.

  • Know your audience: Take advantage of segmentation tools to target your ads to specific audiences.

  • Use conversion tracking: Set up the pixel to track important conversions. This will allow you to evaluate the performance of your ads and optimize your bidding and targeting strategies. From Adsmurai, we offer the Tech Service, with which we implement, configure and solve any technical challenge to boost the performance of your digital strategy.

  • Test different ad formats to see which ones work best for your objectives and audience. 

  • Personalize your messages: Create ads and content that are relevant to your target audience and offer value. 

  • Perform A/B testing: Explore with different variations of ads and messages to determine which combinations generate the best results.

  • Monitor and optimize your campaigns: Regularly track the performance of your LinkedIn Ads campaigns.

When it comes to optimizing your LinkedIn company page, here are some tips:

  • Complete your profile: Make sure all information fields are filled in. 

  • Post relevant content: Always keep your page active, posting content regularly. 

  • Encourage interaction: Encourage users to interact with your page, ask questions, answer comments, etc. 

  • Highlight your employees: Featuring your employees on your company page humanizes your brand and will showcase the expertise and talent within the organization.

  • Get recommendations: Ask your satisfied customers and business partners to recommend the platform.

Remember that business page optimization requires a continuous focus and constant testing to achieve the best results.


LinkedIn Ads success stories

Here is an Adsmurai success story with OBS Business School with a new LinkedIn strategy to increase the volume of qualitative leads.

OBS needed to build a quality lead generation channel to improve course enrollment conversions. The LinkedIn campaign helped generate those higher quality leads thanks to its segmentation potential and ability to reach users interested in the product. They managed to connect the school's offer with a quality audience, ready to convert.

The results obtained with the LinkedIn campaign were very satisfactory in terms of lead volume, conversions and CTR.

  • +289% in lead volume.
  • Conversion to enrollment with an average of 4% during 2022.
  • Increased CTR to an average of 1.96% by 2022 due to OBS' increased presence on LinkedIn.

caso de éxito linkedin ads 

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