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Discover the power of Meta Reels Ads

Meta has 3.8 billion monthly users and since launching Reels on Instagram there has been a 24% increase in time spent on the platform. We are experiencing a shift in the way we consume media and entertainment, driven by evolving consumer behaviours and expectations. Short-form video is the NOW. It is the next big leap in the way entertainment content is created, shared and watched. And Reels is the fastest growing content format on Meta.


What are Meta Reels Ads?

Meta's Reels Ads is a form of short, vertical video format advertising that has become a way to create and discover content. Reels Ads are inserted between Reel videos and appear in users' feeds as they browse the platform.

These ads allow brands and companies to promote products or services using creative and engaging videos. This format offers companies the possibility to increase visibility and reach on the platform, as Reels videos tend to have high engagement and virality.



What are the main advantages of Reels Ads?


Reels Ads offer certain advantages for brands and companies that want to promote their products or services on the platform.

  • Wide reach: Reels are very popular among users and therefore have a high potential reach. This allows Reels Ads to reach a wide audience and increase brand visibility.

  • User engagement: Reel videos tend to generate higher user engagement compared to other advertising models. These users can participate by commenting, liking and sharing the videos, which increases engagement and brand exposure.

  • Attractive format: This is a format that is well adapted to the preferences that users have when it comes to consuming content due to its short, vertical video format and its ads being visually appealing and thus finally capturing the attention of users.

  • Creative options: They offer several creative options for brands. These ads can use music, visual effects, text and other elements to create engaging videos. This allows brands to stand out in users' feeds.

  • Audience targeting: You can segment your audience by various demographics, interests and behavioural criteria to target a specific audience, allowing you to show your ads to the people most relevant to your business.

It is an effective way to reach a diverse and engaged audience, especially among younger users who enjoy consuming short-form video content.


Reels Ads Formats

Reels Ads are created to enjoy an immersive experience and offer the possibility of reaching audiences with high intent, through content related to the interests of users. We show you some of the recommendations you should follow in order to generate quality content.

Design recommendations

  • File type: MP4, MOV

  • Aspect ratio: 9:16

  • Video configuration: H.264 video compression, square pixels, AAC stereo audio compression from 128 kbps, etc.

  • Resolution: minimum 500x800 pixels

  • Video captioning: optional, but recommended 

  • Video sound: optional, but highly recommended.

  • Consider the safe zone: leave a space without text, logos or other elements of around 14% at the top, 35% at the bottom and 6% on each side to avoid content being obscured by the call to action or profile icon.

Text recommendations

  • Main text: 72 characters

Technical requirements

  • Video length: from 0 seconds to 15 minutes

  • Maximum file size: 4 GB

Best practices for Reels Ads

Thanks to artificial intelligence, content is exposed in front of the right users and helps to automate the chances of success of Reels, by following these best practices you will get a higher return.

  • Buying guide

    You must add Reel placements to campaigns via Advantatge+ placements or opt-in to placement optimisations via 6+ placements. Just check the box in Ads Manager for Reels on both Facebook and Instagram.

    These ads include both ads that appear after viewing a completed Reel and before it repeats again as well as overlay banners that appear on top of the Reel content.

  • Creative targeting

    We recommend starting with essential creative elements such as 9:16 video with audio and in a safe zone to create Reels Ads.

    This ensures that the creative fits into the Reels environment and feels like an organic extension.


Creative should be created or adapted for 9:16 video. Reels ads that included 9:16 video showed an average positive response score compared to ads without 9:16.

If you are adapting an existing video creative that is not 9:16, you can resize it to 9:16 in Ads Manager.


  • The sound of your video must be captivating 

    Audio, whether it's music, voiceover or sound effects, is an essential part of Reels.  80% of Reels viewed with sound and Reel ads with music and voiceover showed an increase in the effectiveness of these ads compared to ads without sound.

  • Be aware of your Reel's safe zone 

    Work within the safe zones so that your text, calls to action or key messages are not obscured by the Reels user interface. 

    Reels that have key elements overlaying the Reels UI have a 28% lower click-through rate on average compared to those that do not violate the safe zone.

Reels performance metrics and analysis

Reels ads provide metrics and analytics tools like Instagram Reels Insights that allow brands to track the performance of their ads. This includes data on impressions, engagements, plays and other important metrics to evaluate the success of the ad campaign..


When it comes to Reels Ads performance metrics and analysis, we advise you to look at:

  • Impressions: These indicate how many times your ad has been shown to users. This metric is useful to evaluate the reach and visibility of your Reels Ads.

  • Reach: Refers to the total number of unique users your ad has been shown to. It helps you understand how many people have seen your ad compared to the total number of impressions.

  • Clicks: This shows how many times users have clicked on your ad. This is important to measure the level of interest and engagement your Reels Ad generates.

  • Engagement rate: The interaction rate is calculated by dividing the total number of interactions by the total number of impressions. This metric helps evaluate the effectiveness of the ad by measuring the ratio of interactions to impressions.

  • Display duration: Reels Ads allow you to measure view duration, you can get information on how long users view your ad before scrolling. This helps you evaluate the effectiveness of capturing and maintaining the attention of your audience.

  • Conversions: If you have set up conversion goals in your Reels Ads campaign, you can track conversions to measure the direct impact on your business goals. This could include actions such as website visits, email sign-ups, purchases, etc.

With the potential of Meta Reels Ads to maximise the reach and impact of ads, it offers an opportunity to reach new audiences and captivate users to achieve set goals.

Now is the time to harness the full potential of Reels Ads to take your campaigns to the next level. These types of ads allow you to be creative and innovative to grab users' attention.

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