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Get to know your target audience with Facebook Audience Insights

Choosing the right target is the key to obtain the desired results in any campaign. One of Facebook's most valuable tools is Audience Insights, which allows you to know, analyze and expand your real audience on the social network.

Facebook gives us the opportunity to know in depth our audience of followers of our Facebook page, people in a Custom Audience and people connected to our page. Knowing the data that characterizes each group allows us to optimize our campaign adsets, expand the target in a profitable way and create tailored content. It includes demographics, interests, hobbies... and even purchasing behavior (USA only).


What do we want to get from Audience Insights?

Do you want to validate if the target you are using is effective? Do you want to expand your target audience? We propose 3 objectives that we break down in this blog:

  1. Create a new target, according to your buyer persona and save it as a template.

  2. Find out more about your audience and improve it.

  3. Compare audiences and adapt your campaigns.

We will explain one by one how to develop each point:


1. Create a new target

A good starting point is to transfer your buyer persona information to Facebook. Once in the tool, start by selecting "All on Facebook", create your buyer profile:


Selecciona un target Choose an audience
      • Woman

      • 18-34 years

      • Live in big cities

      • With interests related to fashion and shopping*


TIP: General or very broad interests such as "Shopping & Fashion", is an interest shared by most people and the potential audience is usually very wide. If with the budget to invest you do not reach most of your potential audience, we recommend you to focus on more related interests and with less audience, such as specific brands, shopping centers, fashion events related to your brand... this way, your investment will be more profitable.


Crea tu target Create your target

From here, take into account the other information provided by Audience insights to add to the adset settings in your campaign: devices used, frequency of interaction, or other demographic information relevant to your company or campaign.

Actividad: dispositivos utilizados, frecuencia de interacción... Activity: devices used, frequency of interaction...


TIP: Don't include redundant information that may exclude users unnecessarily. For example, if you are targeting the UK, you don't need to include "English" language (if the campaign doesn't require language-focused targeting). Many people speak it but don't have it published in their profile. This way, you don't exclude users who may be interested in your brand.

Save the audience to simplify the creation of the target for your next campaign. At the top, in the horizontal menu.


2. Find out more about your audience

Again, open Audience Insights and select one of the following options:

  • Users connected to your page or event

  • Users of a Custom Audience

TIP: By default, United States appears in Location. Deselect it if it does not correspond to the country you are interested in.

Cuidado: USA aparece seleccionado por defectoCaution: USA is selected by default

Take some time to get to know your target in depth: interests, locations... find out the devices from which they connect, pages they follow... and add it in the campaign adset, or exclude what is less relevant. You will get an audience more related and interested in your campaign.


3. Compare audiences and analyze them

As in point 2, open a target and write down the main characteristics of each group of data. Repeat the exercise with one or two more targets to be able to compare between them. We selected to compare Adsmurai's Facebook followers, a Custom audience of visitors to our website and our competitor's Facebook followers.
TIP: You can compare your audiences with those of your competitors, as long as the brand is sufficiently recognized to appear as "interest".

Enter one by one each audience and score the top 3 of each group of data, here are the results obtained:

Comparativa de nuestros targets
Comparison of our targets


Conclusions of the comparison

  • Among the Adsmurai targets (FB fans vs. web visitors) as we expected, the audience is quite similar. Even the Pages of interest are of the same theme: blogs and news pages related to digital marketing.

  • On the other hand, comparing Adsmurai's targets vs the competition, we can observe that the users' countries are clearly different.


Recommendations based on the comparison

  • Research more about the pages of interest of our users and followers in order to detect opportunities.

  • Creating content in different languages and segmenting them by country would allow us to reach a new non-Spanish speaking audience.

  • We can also create specific ads for each target: adapt image or text according to the data obtained in Audience Insights.

Remember: all the information available in Audience insights has been published by the users themselves, and Facebook does not offer data below a minimum audience.

So you can start taking advantage of Audience insights and, above all, your Facebook advertising campaigns. And if you have any questions, write to us!


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