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Dynamic Ads

mastering ad creatives adsmurai

Mastering ad creatives

Nowadays the power to influence, persuade, and entice customers lies in the art of creating product ad creatives that resonate and captivate. Whether...

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Dynamic ads

How dynamic product ads can boost your marketing strategy

Since its launch, Dynamic Ads has revolutionized the way advertisers promote their products online. This advertising format uses user data to...

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Anuncios dinámicos Facebook

Dynamic Ads for Lead Generation campaigns in Facebook

Starting from the beginning a lead is a user who has shown interest in your brand through an implemented marketing strategy. Generating leads or Lead...

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Dynamic Ads for Retail

When talking about digital advertising and sales, we first think about e-commerce. But we can’t underestimate the importance of digital channels that...

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Common problems when setting up DPA campaigns in Facebook

Since Facebook introduced Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) on January 2015, their importance for e-commerce businesses keeps growing more and more. The...

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