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Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Reels Ad

Once you know how to run a Facebook Ads campaign, it’s time to go one step further and introduce Instagram Reels and its Ads. Launched as a new way to present content, allowing users to create and publish short videos. Unlike Instagram Stories that remain visible for 24 hours, Reels are a permanent content source. 

The length of video clips on reels is about 30 seconds so it needs to be extremely catchy to gain the entire attention span. Moreover, you also get the video feature of multi-clips that is visible under the “Reels” option in the Instagram account. As a result, reels have emerged as a primary source of capturing audiences, especially for businesses in the race for high follower count.


You can post and share your Reels with your subscribers or followers and even publish them on your account via Explore. Through Explore, you get the opportunity to create your content over Instagram and maximize your reach globally.

Many big brands like Beardbrand, Walmart, Louis Vuitton, Sephora, etc., are using the new format for promoting their products and connecting with their consumers.


Decoding Instagram Reels


The concept of Reels was initially started by a popular social media platform – TikTok. After witnessing its vast success, Instagram adopted the feature offering its users to create short video clips of 15 seconds. 

Later, this duration was increased to 30 seconds letting users create engaging videos using editing software. In addition, you can add different features such as attractive backgrounds, various video clips, filters, titles, stickers, etc.  

A special Reels icon is present at the bottom section of the Instagram page icon. Clicking on this icon displays trending Reels which can be viewed by scrolling through them one by one.


Instagram Reels Ads


A new addition by Instagram in ads has been introduced on the popular social media platform. In other words, Instagram Reels ads are a unique way through which businesses get to promote their brands on Instagram.

This new variant of the brand campaign was launched worldwide in the middle of June, 2021. However, before its official launch, it was run trial in a few selected countries. 

Instagram Reels ads are more or less similar to Instagram Stories ads. The ads appear at regular intervals when users are watching organic Reels.

The ads on Instagram Reels will show as sponsored, repeatedly appearing at fixed intervals where users can also like, share, and comment on them.  

Step to creative Instagram Reels


The first step begins with creating an ad using your creativity. For this, you need to record a video, work on its editing and finalize the hashtags. It is better to start with Organic Reels that come with catchy music or trending musical clips. 

The second step is to ensure that you have a business Instagram profile and then proceed to Ads Manager. On reaching the manager, hit the “Create” button. 

The third step is to identify and select your objective behind promotional campaigns. Depending upon your business and brand requirements, you need to frame your ad based on your target audience. 

Here are some of the objectives on which your ad Reels can be based:

    • Number of App installed
    • Traffic
    • Converting leads 
    • Promoting your product or brand
    • Reach
    • Views on videos

The fourth step is filling in the details linked to the ad campaign, such as advertising requirements, finance, schedule, and target audience. Facebook Audience Insights can help you to find out more about your audience and improve it.

The fifth step is placing the ad, preferably through Manual Placements. It would be best if you go to the drop-down menu adjacent to the “Stories” tab. Select the option of “Instagram Reels” to make your ad visible as a Reels ad.

The sixth step is editing your CTA (Call to Action) to engage users to read and react.


This wraps up creating an Instagram Reels ad which will be displayed to the public after going through and approving it.


More on Instagram Reels Ads


At present, there is no particular ad format prescribed for Instagram Reels ads. Therefore, there is no option for businesses or advertisers to go for paid promotions to make some amount to circulate their ads more. 

As such, there is no mechanism to get their video clips displayed in the “featured” space of the Instagram section yet. In addition to this, there are no exclusive tags for this new content format for launching any brand promotions. On the contrary, the feed on the Instagram page has the option where influencers can indicate whenever they are going for a paid advertisement.

Innovative Ideas Used By Brands to Promote Using Ad Reels

Many brands have started to harness educational content to create interest among their users. For example, they are using videos that educate customers on the required details of their product using creative ideas.

Since when your customers get first-hand information about any product, they are more likely to purchase from you. Therefore, educational videos are being created to build trust and reliability among consumers for a brand. 

Educating your customers turns into a very effective marketing strategy. Your customers always get attracted to those things that are understandable and relevant to their needs.

Top makeup brands like Sephora have introduced challenges that urge users to post videos fulfilling the listed challenge. Instagram ad reels challenges are an excellent way to achieve high engagement and participation from your customers. 

The other most common strategy by enterprises is to collaborate with social media influencers. When a famous face markets your product or service on the platform, it positively impacts your audience compelling them to buy their products. It also leads to brand awareness among users from all over the world and it becomes a great user generated content advantage.

Using fresh audio pieces or jingles also help in spreading the name of your business and leaving a lasting impression among your target audience. But, in the end, all you want is to make the audience remember what your brand stands for and what it has to offer. 


Building effective Reels on Instagram

Let us find out some of the effective ways to create engaging content for capturing your target audience and promoting your brand. 


Research on Your Audience Preferences 

First and foremost, put in a lot of time and effort to analyse what your audience demands -their likes and dislikes. This way, you can harness the popularity of the new content format to maximize your reach and traffic. 

Using the analytics software (paid or free versions), you can chart the performance and find out which content receives more engagement.


Scheduling the Reel

Ensure to keep the promotional video clip well within the prescribed time frame, i.e., 30 seconds, to avoid being cut off. Failing to do so could make you lose an opportunity to connect with your target audience and effectively advertise your product or services.

Good editing: adding sound and video effects

Good editing of your ad Reels plays a significant role in capturing the audience and making your brand promotion successful. This becomes more significant when you aim towards both organic as well as paid reach. 

The ad formatting should be done so that it caters to all sorts of the audience, be it hearing or visually impaired. You can even add exciting captions to deliver your message more clearly.


Double-check for technical glitches

A poorly recorded and edited ad reel is not going to be appreciated by any user. Therefore, you need to ensure that technical details such as video quality, sound quality, aspect ratio, file dimension, screen size, etc., are taken care of.


Watch out for current trends

It is a good practise keeping yourself updated with viral and trending concepts that could help make more engaging Instagram Reels Ads.  One of the best strategies is to keep an eye on your competitors, which help know what goes for and against you.  

Avoid making clips that seem to be high in the sales pitch. Instead, the content should be entertaining for the audience and, at the same time, conveys your campaign message smoothly without seeming too sales-oriented.

Tapping Audience That Has Not Followed You on IG

Reels have become a significant source of reaching out to audiences that currently do not follow you on Instagram. Instagram is the best platform to advertise your business or brand globally, making you visible to almost everyone.

The ads were released to help businesses promote their products and services on a large scale letting consumers view engaging content from creators.

The Reels ad is displayed based on your preference and interest by tracking your following history. If you do not wish to see a particular ad, you can hide, skip or report it. However, the option is only available for specific ads and is not applicable for Instagram Reels Ads.



The best way to create exciting reel ads begins by being authentic and genuine in your content. People like natural creativity rather than copied or boring content. It would be best to keep in mind that the content should be original and more on the humor side.

You could bring exciting concepts such as feedback or reviews from your staff, behind the scenes, great music and effects, etc. These tips will definitely fetch you high conversion rates, traffic, and audience engagement. 


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