Mother's Day and other social momentums

Mother's Day and other social momentums

Every brand that makes advertising, in digital or conventional media, has a strategy. A strategy with different goals: increasing sales, getting followers, create brand image, increase awareness… A strategy that during most of the year is made in an absolutely commercial way, as if it was a haunting, making consumers come into the brand’s universe in order to keep them there and aisle them from the competence.. But sometimes it is fundamental to change the tone of the communication, make it more emotional and make advertising messages appeal to people’s sensitivity and sentimentality. And it will still be a strategy but consumers appreciate it and it turns into better results. Then, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day...are dates you should mark in your calendar. These days provide not only the possibility to increase sales, but also the chance to build a stronger relation with the consumer.


Don’t you believe it? During May we have celebrated Mother’s Day in different countries around the world and brands have made their best proposals to make our mothers happy on that day. Analyzing the campaigns that in Adsmurai we’ve made for 4 fashion brands, we see how they’ve managed the campaigns and the results..

From these 4 campaigns, 3 of them were placed in Facebook in order to increase conversions and 1 focused on Instagram to generate brand awareness through the promotion of a video. Conversion campaigns were placed in Spain, and the video views campaign was placed in Spain, USA, Canada, Germany Mexico and France.


Conversion campaigns in Spain were launched the 20th of April and lasted till the 1st of May, Mother’s Day this year. These campaigns included special offers but above all, the were made in a sentimental tone. Analyzing the final reports we see that nearly all the conversions were made before the 28th, 4 days before the big day, and most of them were the 20th, 26th and 28th. That means a lot of conversions and faster than usual. These brands got with this campaign a 4,5x ROI.


Referring to the video views campaign on Instagram, it lasted just 1 day, and that day was different in the 6 mentioned countries. Results were great: an average cost per video view of 0,01€ and an average cost per interaction of 0,008€. Even when it wasn’t a conversion campaign, the action indirectly generated 25 online conversions.


We like brands that think of our mothers, fathers, couples...and these campaigns made people who hadn’t bought a present buy it from the indicated brand, and created a link with the target, who decided to buy their product just because of it.

So from now on remember it: detect these momentums, mark them in your strategic calendar and turn them into your brand’s moment, and remember to use an emotional tone in your messages. Get conversions, attract new customers and they will repeat for sure.


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