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Everything you need to know about Pinterest ad targeting

Pinterest is a very interesting platform for advertising. Users are looking for inspiration about products and services, and on the platform's main feed, brands can embed their Pinterest ads among related pins. This fusion of organic and paid content contributes to the fact that 85% of Pinterest users have ended up making a purchase based on pins they have seen from brands. In addition, the in-store spend of these users is 80% higher than non-users of the platform.

Having a well-segmented target audience is key to making your Pinterest strategy a success.



  • Why is Pinterest target audience important for your ads?

  • Objectives of Pinterest advertising campaigns

  • Types of Pinterest targeting options for your ads

  • How to add or edit campaign targeting on Pinterest 


 Why is Pinterest target audience important for your ads?

Pinterest target audience is important because when creating Pinterest ads will help you find those users who can best respond to your products or services and, therefore, find the ideal customer for your brand.

We recommend targeting users with interests, behaviors and demographics that identify with your business as this is where your ads will have the greatest impact. Once you have targeted users, your content will impact the right people and your ads will start to perform well.



Objectives of Pinterest advertising campaigns

When you start your Pinterest campaign, the first step is to choose your target. This determines how your bid will perform in the ad auction and which Pinterest ad formats are available for your promotions. Always choose the one that best reflects your business goals. 

On Pinterest, there are five different campaign objectives to choose from:

Brand awareness

It helps users to get to know your brand, your products and your services. Brand awareness ads are those placed at the top of the conversion funnel creating awareness.


Video view

Continuing with Upper Funnel objectives (Awareness). In this case, it will help you get your video in front of as many users as possible. You can optimize the quality of views, average playback times and completion rates for those people who are most likely to watch the video.



In this case, it would be a mid funnel target. This is the best target if your goal is to send traffic and thus be able to increase the quality of clicks on your ad's Pin.



To target the warmest audiences (Lower funnel). If you want to get users to perform actions such as buying, registering or adding products to the cart on your website. You will be able to track all conversions made by users on your platform ads.


Catalog sales

It is also a conversion goal. It is the option for users to discover your products or services while looking for inspiration on Pinterest and thus be able to increase sales.


Pinterest ad targeting options

Each ad group created on Pinterest can be segmented in order to reach users who are interested in your products or services. The targeting options can be combined, choosing yourself if you want a narrower or wider audience. Here are the targeting options you can choose for your ads on Pinterest:


Create audiences from your own customer lists, your website visitors or users who have already interacted with your content on Pinterest.

Actalike audience

Reach new users who behave similarly to some of your existing audiences.


This targeting is based on the interests of your audience. You can select topics related to your ad to reach people with those interests.

Users browse the platform looking for interests, for that reason, creating Pinterest ads segmenting the audience by interests is a very good option to impact a specific audience segment.



Keyword targeting consists of including or excluding specific words or phrases that your audience searches for on the platform. Your ads will be displayed based on the search terms and keywords you have chosen. Pinterest recommends using a minimum of 25 relevant keywords for each specific ad for best results.


Another option is to filter the audience based on gender, age, location, languages or devices to narrow down your audience.


Select where you want your ads to appear on Pinterest. In the home feed, in search results or in related Pins. You can create multiple ads with different placements in each of them in order to get the best results.


You can select expanded targeting to reach more people, as it automatically targets your ad to people searching for keywords or interests similar to the ones you chose.


How to dad or Edit campaign targeting on Pinterest

Once you have selected the most appropriate targeting for your campaign, you can add it to an existing ad group you have already created or to a new ad group. Here's how to do it:

  1. Log in to your account to get started on Pinterest.

  2. At the top, click on ads and then click on create ad.

  3. Click on new ad group or select an existing ad group.

  4. On the left, click on targeting and select the targeting that best suits your needs.

  5. When you are done, select your budget and scheduling, optimization and delivery and ads.

  6. Review all the information you have chosen and click start.

Once you are clear about the importance of having a good audience segmentation in your ads, your content will impact the right users and your campaigns will start to have better results.



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