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Creative trends in digital advertising (Edition 2023)

In the dynamic digital age in which we live, creativity has established itself as an invaluable asset for those who aspire to stand out in an ever-evolving world. Over the course of 2023, we have witnessed a digital advertising landscape that has undergone significant transformations, fueled by the convergence of emerging technologies, the influence of cultural trends and changing market demands.

As we approach 2024, the need to foster creativity becomes even more crucial for brands and marketers looking to not only stay ahead of the curve, but also lead innovation. In this context, understanding the importance of creativity is not only an imperative, but also a strategic opportunity.


Creative successes of 2023 in digital creative advertising

In a world saturated by a 40% increase in global content volume between 2020 and 2021, standing out from the crowd has become a monumental challenge. Successful brands in 2023 have adopted creative strategies that transcend convention, leveraging the following trends:

  • Co-creation to stay agile: In an environment of constant change, co-creation has emerged as an effective strategy. Brands venturing into less "polished" spaces, such as YouTube, are finding agile and meaningful ways to connect with audiences.

  • Authenticity and consistency: Effective co-creation requires a clear articulation of brand purpose. Authenticity becomes key, and brands must show consistency by letting their principles guide creative decisions.

  • Decentralization to enhance the consumer experience: Decentralization of the brand voice is advancing, and creative brands that forge partnerships with a clear purpose stand out on any platform. Creative collaboration expands to internal teams, breaking down barriers and creating a unified brand experience.

  • Open creativity culture: Spreading creativity throughout the organization makes the brand the source of truth in both marketing and internal culture. Organizations that embrace this mindset lead the way to real impact.

  • External support to find suitable creators: Collaboration with content creators is essential, but it can also be complicated. In 2023, successful brands have relied on third-party technical tools to discover and manage creators, deftly navigating the complex ecosystem of digital creativity.

With these trends, brands have achieved success in the competitive creative digital advertising space, serving as inspiration for the coming year.


Recommendations for creative digital advertising success in 2024

As we have discussed, the industry is evolving rapidly and it is crucial to analyze the successful trends of 2023 in order to formulate effective strategies in the coming year. To stand out in this ever-changing environment, here are some key recommendations:

  • Strategic personalization: Trading data for personalization is becoming crucial. As more platforms eliminate cookies, the key is to get to know each customer in depth, leveraging automation and online experiences to deliver targeted and relevant content.

  • Open-minded metrics: Identify essential metrics and avoid over-analysis. Develop systems to track necessary data and allow the information to fuel your imagination. Let the data inspire, but don't rely on it exclusively.

  • Experience in the digital space: Apply experiential principles in the digital world, taking the experience beyond face-to-face events. It positions products as part of everyday life, seeking tangible ways to reach the public anywhere.

  • Unexpected buying channels: Embrace non-traditional buying channels, such as live streaming, a growing trend with the ability to effectively engage audiences and generate interest.

  • AI as a collaborator: Embrace artificial intelligence as a collaborator, not a competitor. Use AI tools to streamline processes, free up time in teams and boost creativity in organizations.

  • Augmented reality to bring to life: Incorporate augmented reality to bring your products to life in new dimensions. Immersive formats, especially augmented reality, capture consumer attention and are transforming the way products are perceived.

  • Purpose at the center of virtual experiences: In e-commerce, place brand purpose at the center of virtual experiences. Experiment with three-dimensional digital campaigns that connect people to the brand through its purpose.

  • Adsmurai's team of experts in Creativity: Surround yourself with a creative team of digital experts, such as Adsmurai's Creative Services that works together with the rest of the company's departments to generate consumer insights that go beyond the classic ones and that are complemented with all the digital information that we can get from our users to create assets that are not only really effective but also accelerate the decision making process.

By adopting these recommendations, brands can be prepared to meet the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities that creative digital advertising presents in the coming year.

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