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TikTok metrics to analyze

TikTok as a social network helps to boost your brand, get known and know how to interpret the analytics offered by the platform. Tiktok's analytics tools will help you improve your strategy, get more out of your posts and target the right audiences.

In this article, we show you how to view your statistics, the metrics for TikTok, and the important KPIs to be able to dig deeper into the results of your content and the trends of your audience.


1. How can I access TikTok statistics?

With your TikTok user you can access a series of statistics about your account once you have moved to the "Business" category. The process is quite simple and quick, here are the steps:

    • Go to your profile and click on the three small dots at the top right. This will take you directly to your account settings.

    • Click on "Manage my account".

    • Go to "Upgrade Professional Account".

    • Click "Continue" and choose your Business account category.

Now, you can benefit from all the statistics that TikTok offers. 

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2. Metrics categories

Before starting to analyze Tik Tik's main metrics, it is important to know the four categories into which they fall and to understand what each one of them refers to: Summary, Content, Followers and Live.

  • Summary of analysis

It allows you to view the analysis based on the dates you want. Some of the main metrics used by Tik Tok in this category are:


    • Video views: The total number of times your account's videos have been viewed during a given period.

    • Profile views: The number of times your profile has been viewed during the selected period. That is, the number of people who liked your video enough to view your profile, or people who are curious to see what your brand is doing on the platform.

    • Likes on your posts.

    • Comments received on your videos.

    • Number of times your video has been shared.

    • Followers: Refers to the total number of users following your account and how that number has changed within the selected date range.

    • Content: Number of videos you have shared within the selected dates.

    • Number of LIVE videos that have been published within the dates.


  • Content analysis

In this tab, you can see which of your videos have been the most popular within the selected date range. It provides information about each post, including metrics such as views, likes, comments and times the content has been shared.

    • Trending videos: Displays your top nine videos, those that have had the fastest growth over the last seven days. 

    • Total video views.

    • Total number of likes for a post.

    • A total number of comments.

    • Total times the content has been shared.

    • Total playback time.

    • Average viewing time.

    • Complete views of the video. 

    • Audience reached.

    • Video views per section: Find out where the traffic to your post is coming from. Traffic sources can be the For You feed, your profile, the Following feed, audio, searches, and hashtags. 

    • Video views by region: users' main locations.

  • Follower analytics

Provides information about your followers, including a breakdown by gender and location, and when your followers are most active on the app." by "and information about the time of day your audience is most active.

    • Genre

    • Main territories

    • Follower activity

    • Videos your followers watched

    • Audios your followers listened to

  • LIVE analytics

This last analysis shows information about the live videos you have created during the last week or month. It includes the number of followers and how long you have streamed live.

    • Total videos

    • Total time

    • New followers

    • Top viewers re-engaged

    • Unique viewers: Refers to the number of users who watched your live video at least once.

    • Diamonds: When you create a live video, users can send you virtual gifts, called "diamonds". You can exchange these diamonds for real money through TikTok.




3. Main KPIs and metrics to analyze in your TikTok campaigns

Depending on the objective of your campaign, the KPIs and metrics to analyze will vary. Below is a proposal of how to classify them based on your purpose on the platform:

  • Branding

For campaigns that seek to create connections with audiences to influence their purchasing decisions, we recommend looking at the following metrics:

    • Impressions: The frequency with which the ad is shown.

    • Reach: The number of users reached by the content.

    • CPM: Cost per thousand impressions. 

    • Frequency: The minimum number of times a user saw the ad during a given period.

    • Video views: Refers to the number of times users viewed the ad during a given time.

    • Video views of 6 seconds.

    • Video views at 50%: Indicates the number of users who have watched the video up to half. 100% video views: Includes all users who have watched the entire video. It allows you to understand how many more qualitative views you have obtained.

    • Cost per Thru lay (100%): It is the cost you have had for each view at 100%.

  • Traffic

For campaigns targeting reach, visits or views

    • Clics

    • CPC: It is the cost per click on the ad.

    • CTR: It is the percentage that indicates the number of users who have seen the video and clicked on the link.

    • Landing Page View: It indicates all the people who have clicked on the link and landed on the landing page of the ad. It is usually lower than the number of clicks.

    • Cost per LPV: This is the cost per landing page visit from your ad.


  • Conversions

For those campaigns focused on achieving a conversion action by the user (purchase, lead, etc.).

    • Conversions: number of times your ad achieved a result according to the selected goal and settings.

    • CPA: average amount of money you spent on a conversion. Calculated as: cost/conversion.

By analyzing these metrics you will be able to get an overall analysis of the performance of your campaign, ad group, and ads. With this information, you will get good insights to optimize your Tik Tok campaigns and achieve maximum performance on the platform.