Use Twitter Moments in your advertising strategy

Use Twitter Moments in your advertising strategy

Twitter Moments are a new non-advertising format that as we have checked in the last months, can be integrated effectively in the brands’ advertising strategy with optimal results.

As it is not an advertising format, any user can create a Moment from its personal profile and, when working for a brand, it will be created from the profile, and not from the Ads Manager. That means that a Moment will be created by the brand or any person with access to the Twitter account.

 The main objective of Moments is to work as a news channel to highlight what is happening in a concrete moment. Then, during the elections a Moment could be created to collect the most remarkable tweets about it, or during an event like Black Friday it could work as an actualisation of sales and discounts.

At a brand level, that would be the goal: provide coverage and generate engagement about a concrete event or action, improving the low cost interaction rate with better results than a common engagement campaign.


Twitter Moments Twitter Moments


Some of the advantages are:

  • Moments are promotable, and that is why even it is not an advertising format, we can use it for engagement campaigns. Moments can be published as public or hidden, as happens with promoted tweets or posts on Facebook.
  • Allows the use of nearly any type of content: Text, Quoted Tweets, Photos, Native Videos, GIFs, Vines, Native Polls, tagging @usuarios,  #hashtags and external links or personalized emojis. You can not use cards or content from third-party services like Instagram, YouTube, Vevo, Periscope,etc.
  • It allows modifications: in engagement campaigns on Twitter or Facebook, a change in a tweet or post means changing the promoted post. In Twitter Moments case we can modify the Moment, add or delete tweets, change pictures, etc, without changing the promoted tweet. Then, during the transmission of an event, we can keep adding content and information.
  • A Moment can contain tweets of the brand but also tweets from influencers or promoted tweets. In addition, if we want to use User-Generated Content, we can add tweets from users if we have their permission.


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