Welcome is the interactive GIF

Welcome is the interactive GIF

We have a new advertising format in Twitter: the interactive GIF. It is a normal autoplay GIF, but incorporates a small change. This type of GIF allows you to modify the reproduction of it just moving your finger across the screen. Now we can see as often as we like our favorite sequence, in fast motion and slow motion, forward and backward…

This new format seeks to engage the users in the ad, let them interact. Interactive GIFs campaigns have so far registered 3 times more engagement, according to the platform, than normal tweet campaigns. Interaction makes users spend more time in front of the ad, so that causes a greater brand reminder and a better image of it because it provides a new and useful experience.

What is it used for? Brands find in the interactive GIF a creative opportunity. In a corporate way, we can use it to develop demos of our product, in which the user learns at their own pace, or presentations of new products that can be viewed from all perspectives. Some brands have already used it as a catalog, creating a catwalk with their products, and you can see them over and over again just by sliding your finger. You can also create limited duration 360º videos. To provide fun for users, this type of GIF can contain hidden messages that are discovered watching the GIF in a certain way or creating funny effects playing with the speed of the characters.

Sure there are still many opportunities and creative opportunities to be discovered. By now, this format is not open to all advertisers but Adsmurai already offers it and we assure you that having it means offering an extra to your followers and potential customers. Now, just with your finger, you can see the never seen as many times as you like.

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