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What is it and what to consider in a Twitter Ads campaign?

With more than 353 million monthly active users, Twitter Ads is definitely an option that your company should consider to complement the organic strategy on the platform to increase user interaction.

twitter advertising audience overview

Twitter is a very unsaturated platform for advertising and this means that the CTRs achieved in the campaigns are good and are maintained over time. Twitter Ads have a much higher reach and impact capacity than other content on the platform. 

In addition, the user experience with Twitter advertising is very good. The platform is fully optimised for mobile devices and ads are integrated into the user's timeline and are only differentiated from organic posts by the "sponsored" tag.
Twitter Ads campaigns are very effective in achieving business goals and have the advantage that results are achieved much faster than on other platforms. After all, Twitter is all about the present and the now.



What are Twitter Ads for and what types of campaigns are there?

There are three groups of marketing objectives on Twitter Ads: recognition, consideration and conversion. Depending on what you really want to achieve on the platform, you should choose one or the other when defining your strategy. 


campaign objective twitter ads

Let's look at each set of objectives in a little more depth:

Awareness campaigns

  • Reach: Aimed at maximising the reach of your Twitter ads, making your brand known to a wide audience while controlling the cost per impression (CPM, cost per 1000 tweet impressions). This objective also offers no segmentation or creative restrictions.
Consideration campaigns
  • Video views: Maximise your video views on Twitter and get more people to see your content (CPV, cost per view). Tweets with videos are 6 times more likely to be shared because Twitter users have a predisposition to discover new things and videos are an easy format.
  • Pre-roll: Link your ad to premium content and pay per video views (CPV). It increases brand relevance and aligns with consumer interests. This is a key objective to increase your brand value.
  • App downloads: Get more users to download your app and pay per download (CPC to download). With a 100% mobile-optimised platform, ads with this type of objective have very good results because users can install the app directly from the Twitter timeline.
  • Web clicks: Drive traffic and conversions to your website. It drives users to visit and/or take an action on your website. Pay per click (CPC).
  • Interactions: Get more people to interact with your tweets and pay per interaction (CPI). You can promote organic posts or create unique Tweets to promote.
  • Followers: Broaden your audience, amplify your brand message. Followers mean new opportunities for followers to share content, make purchases or tell others about their positive experiences. In this case, you pay per follower.
Conversion campaigns
  • Reinteractions with the app: Aimed at your app users in order to increase conversions and loyalty. You pay for each click to download.

twitter ads campaign type


What kind of ads can I buy on Twitter Ads?

Twitter ad formats are simple, easy to use and easy to integrate into the platform's timeline. According to Nielsen, using 3 or more ad formats increases campaign recognition by 20% and user purchase intent by 7%. There are five main ad categories:


Promoted Ads

It is a very versatile format to use at different stages of the conversion funnel. It can be complemented with other Twitter features such as polls. Within this format, there are different options for image ads, video ads, carousel ads, moment ads and text ads.

anuncio promocionado twitter

Ads for followers

This format aims to increase visibility and attract new followers.

anuncios para seguidor

Twitter Amplify

Align the ad with premium video content from the most relevant publishers on Twitter. There is the option to Amplify Pre-roll which allows advertisers to choose the category of video content where the ad will appear or Amplify Sponsorship which offers the option to set up individual tie-ins with a single publisher.

twitter amplify

Twitter Takeover

This is the format with the most massive reach and the best positioning for the brand. In this case, results are generated at all stages of the funnel. Ads appear in the Timeline Takeover and Trend Takeover tabs, giving brands exclusive ownership of those placements.

twitter takeover

Twitter Live

It is a live video format, advertisers broadcast in real time. 

twitter live

The fifth format is Twitter Ads' complementary ad features. These are options that can be incorporated into any of the above formats: polls, conversation buttons, website buttons, app buttons, branded hashtags or branded notifications.

How to segment your audience on Twitter?

Audience segmentation allows brands to refine their target audience. It is the decisive step in any advertising campaign. Before you start applying Twitter's targeting methods, you need to know what your Buyer Persona profile is. 
To segment the audience you can filter by demographics (geographic location, gender, language, age, devices...) and audience characteristics (by conversions, by events, by keywords, by interests...).
Another option is to create a custom audience using lists of specific users, with the information from the pixel to segment those users who have visited your website or those who have carried out an action on the mobile app.

Twitter Ads Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How much does it cost to place an ad on Twitter?

On Twitter there is no mandatory minimum investment, ads are published under a system of auctions of available advertising space. Depending on the size of the targeted audience, how many advertisers have targeted that audience, how much you have bid... A Twitter ad will have one price or another.

  • How do you know if a tweet is promoted?

Although the appearance and behaviour is the same as an organic tweet, all those included in a Twitter Ads campaign are marked with a "Promoted" label at the bottom.

  • How to run a Twitter advertising campaign? 

If you need more information to launch a Twitter Ads campaign, do not hesitate to contact the Adsmurai team.


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