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Introducing YouTube BrandConnect, the new platform for influencer marketing

YouTube is a success for creators and brands in developing their own content creation. Users use the platform to connect with their favourite creators and discover new products. YouTube Brand Connect is the tool that allows brands to partner with creators to create branded content campaigns that support their goals.




What is YouTube BrandConnect

YouTube Brand Connect is a monetisation service that enables marketing campaigns by connecting content creators with brands. It allows creators to earn revenue through YouTube ads on their videos and provides access to resources to manage campaigns. In addition, the creator is in control of the creative content and decides who they want to work with.

To support the creator, YouTube Brand Connect includes matching tools based on the creator's own information. These ensure greater access to branded content offerings. 

In addition, brands can access measurement solutions such as Brand Interest Lift, Influencer Lift and organic conversions that provide visibility into campaign results in real-time.

  • With Brand Interest Lift, advertisers will be able to measure users' search behaviour after they have watched the creator's video.

  • With Influencer Lift, they can measure user sentiment on their purchase intent, measure impact and ROI.

Advantages of YouTube BrandConnect

YouTube Brand Connect makes communication between content creators and brands close and easy. Here's how it works and the benefits this YouTube tool offers you.

  • Make impactful connections

You can make important connections. On YouTube, users rely on the opinions and judgement of content creators. These creators have the opportunity to showcase brands' products with relevant and authentic content.

  • Turn viewers into customers

With YouTube Brand Connect, it's easy for users to become customers because they can experience, discover and take action while consuming your video.

  • Gain meaningful insights

You can gain insights by seeing what content works best for your marketing strategy. You can also check your return on investment in real time with the platform's reporting and measurement tools.

What YouTube BrandConnect offers

Users turn to YouTube to connect with their favourite creators and in the process discover new products. This journey creates a great opportunity for brands to reach new audiences alongside creators, bringing their message to a wider audience. Over the years, we have seen an increase in branded content on the platform thanks to the relationship between users and creators.

The platform's goal is to continue to drive revenue for creators, provide measurable campaigns for brands and reach out with personalised content.

For that reason, YouTube is continuously improving its contact search tools that allow better access to brands' eligible content deals for creators. In addition, creators have significant flexibility in tailoring their content to the needs of the audiences and brand they work with.

In this process of improvement, the platform is committed to solutions that make it easier for advertisers to engage with consumers. 

One example of these solutions is Youtube Shorts. A new YouTube format for enjoying short videos, 60 seconds or less, which have recently reached 1,500 viewers connected monthly.



YouTube Brand Connect will offer short-form options in addition to the long-form already in use, providing advertisers with dynamic ways to leverage both formats. 

To further enhance the user experience, the platform has introduced technological innovations for ads, such as the shopping shelf and app shelf to make it easier for viewers to purchase products and download apps directly from the viewing page. 

This experience is further extended with a new media shelf, where users will be able to rent or buy movies and programmes as well as introducing new technologies, such as the AR trial experience, which will allow viewers to try on and buy products virtually, alongside their favourite creators.




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