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Elevating creative management of catalog campaigns with Creatives 2.0

Creative scalability is a cornerstone of success today. As brands seek to stand out in a sea of information, the ability to create engaging and effective ads becomes increasingly vital. It is in this context that in late 2023 we announced Creatives 2.0, designed to address the challenge of creative scalability. With a host of new features and enhancements, Creatives is here to simplify processes, maximize budgets and reduce execution times, enabling digital marketers to take their campaigns to the next level.

Elevating creative management of catalog campaigns with Creatives 2.0

Since its inception in 2014, Adsmurai has led the way in implementing technology to improve efficiency in digital marketing. In 2020, we took a step forward with the introduction of Adsmurai Marketing Platform, a complete suite for digital campaign management and optimization. Now, with the evolution to Creatives 2.0, our mission is to further raise the standard for catalog creative, boosting the productivity of marketing teams.

In today's digital environment, where user attention spans are short and ad fatigue is common, creative continues to be the key differentiator for brands. With Creatives 2.0, we are committed to optimizing ad creation and personalization, enabling brands to captivate their audiences and foster meaningful interactions.

Creatives 2.0 addresses the challenge of creative scalability by enabling the rapid production of high-quality creative at reduced costs. With the ability to create dynamic templates for multiple platforms, we make it easy to adapt content to various formats and locations, reducing the complexity of cross-platform design.

In addition, Creatives 2.0 amplifies ad customization by providing intuitive tools for mixing templates, images, dynamic fields and more. Whether you are a design expert or a novice, our platform offers a seamless experience to customize ads and tailor the message to the target audience. With Creatives 2.0, creative potential is within everyone's reach, with no advanced design experience required.


Integration with Feeds: Boosting the effectiveness of creatives

The integration of Creatives 2.0 with Feeds by Adsmurai Marketing Platform marks a significant milestone in the optimization of digital advertising strategies. Feeds is a fundamental tool that allows advertisers to manage and optimize their product catalogs efficiently, ensuring the accuracy and constant updating of product information across all advertising platforms.


Integration with Feeds offers multiple benefits for Creatives 2.0 users. First, it ensures complete consistency between catalog information and ad creatives, eliminating the possibility of discrepancies and errors in ads. This ensures that ads are relevant and accurate, which increases user confidence and improves the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

In addition, integration with Feeds simplifies the process of updating creatives in real time. With Feeds, changes to the product catalog are automatically reflected in ad creatives, ensuring that ads are always up-to-date and relevant to users. This saves time and effort for marketing teams by eliminating the need to make manual changes to each ad.

Another important aspect of the Feeds integration is its ability to customize creatives based on catalog data. With Feeds, advertisers can create highly personalized and relevant ads for each user, increasing the likelihood of conversion and improving the return on advertising investment.

The integration of Creatives 2.0 with Feeds by Adsmurai Marketing Platform is essential to maximize the effectiveness of digital advertising strategies. By ensuring consistency, updating and personalization of ad creatives, this integration helps advertisers increase the relevance and effectiveness of their campaigns, resulting in higher ROI and better overall advertising performance.


Outstanding features of Creatives 2.0

Here is a list of the most popular editing options available in Creatives V2:

  • Images and visual design:
    • Incorporate commercially licensed images or easily upload your own images.
    • Add creative elements with shapes, lines, emoticons, etc.
    • Block out the background of your catalog images with AI.
    • Set the perfect background color for your designs.
    • Easily control your designs by arranging different layers.
  • Text and typography:
    • Create captivating text sections effortlessly.
    • Choose from a wide variety of text templates to make your content stand out.
    • Use custom fonts to integrate your brand style.
  • Design and customization:
    • Easily create and customize layouts with the guide and grid option.
    • Move, align and customize your design elements seamlessly.
    • Easily adapt your creations to different formats.
    • Customize your content for each location and format.
    • Define your own custom formats.
    • Design with the multi-page option with minimap navigation.
  • Management and distribution:
    • Reach your audience on the channels that matter most.
    • Watch your creations come to life with quick preview by platform.
    • Save and send to all channels with a single click.
    • Experience personalized support every step of the way.

Differences with respect to the previous version of Creatives

Creatives 2.0 introduces several improvements over its predecessor, including:

  • Greater ease of use, with a more intuitive user experience.
  • Quick creation of dynamic, targeted ads with minimal construction required.
  • Simple customization options that allow users to effortlessly move, align and customize elements.
  • Ability to upload custom fonts, allowing for greater design customization.
  • Access to an expanded library of beautiful templates, text boxes and backgrounds.
  • Effortless resizing functionality, making it easy to quickly adapt creations to different formats.


How to boost your brand's creative scalability with Creatives 2.0 and Feeds


Wallapop: Unification of ad design for various products

Wallapop, a leading platform for buying and selling second-hand goods, faced the challenge of creating consistent ads for a wide range of products. By linking its Facebook catalog to Feeds, Wallapop was able to establish a consistent design that associated users' products with the recognized Wallapop brand. This strategic approach resulted in a remarkable 60% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) for their catalog campaigns, demonstrating the effectiveness of integrating Feeds and Creatives 2.0 in advertising optimization.

2022_Case Studies_Image_Wallapop 1

Desigual: Innovations in collections and technology with Feeds

Desigual, a leading fashion brand, set out to capitalize on the potential of dynamic ads to differentiate itself in the competitive world of fashion. By integrating Feeds and Creatives 2.0, Desigual was able to skillfully combine product photography, creating ads that were visually impactful and highly relevant to its audience. This innovative approach resulted in an impressive 74% increase in ROAS and a significant 32% decrease in CPA in just one month. The results achieved by Desigual highlight the transformative potential of the combination of Feeds and Creatives 2.0 to drive advertising success in the fashion industry.

2022_Case Studies_Image_Desigual phone

These success stories exemplify how Creatives, in collaboration with Feeds by Adsmurai Marketing Platform, can boost the effectiveness of advertising strategies, delivering tangible results and exceptional ROI for the most important brands in the market.



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