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Facebook Marketing Partner. Why work with us?

Being a Facebook partner is an opportunity. Facebook awards the badge to those companies that develop their own technological solution to manage advertising on the social network (in our case, Adsmurai Marketing Platform) and also offers an excellent service to its clients.

In 2015, Adsmurai achieved one of the most remarkable recognitions for any company involved in social adsvertising, being a Marketing Partner of Facebook and Instagram.

There are 4 areas of specialisation

    • Ad Technology > Adsmurai
    • Content Marketing
    • Audience Integration
    • Community Management

What value does an FMP bring?

  1. Technology: FMPs have access to Facebook's API. This basically allows them to develop their own software. Create and have your own useful tools, move at Facebook's pace and in Facebook's direction. But it also allows specific modifications that Business Manager does not allow. Partners are the first to get the betas of new products. Automation, scalability and optimisation are 3 of the great qualities of our platform.

  2. Strategy: An FMP can provide advice on planning, objectives, strategy, segmentation or creativity. In our case, in addition to offering the platform in SaaS mode, we offer a managed service: the team of experts manage your campaigns to achieve optimal results.

  3. Optimisation and Analysis: the technological platform usually has specific measurement tools, but the team also has the knowledge to interpret the data and draw conclusions and learnings. Our extra measurement tools are: the traffic light according to Kpi's or the alarms for deviation.


Each Partner has distinctions according to the verticals in which it specialises and these are usually updated over time. We have the distinction of "Retail, Ecommerce and Travel". Although we work with all types of brands with different objectives, which does not make any client exclusive..


Case Studies

A good tool to continuously check what each FMP is working on are the Case Studies. They are real cases of brands where the results of a campaign, a period or a new tool are published in order to validate its effectiveness. Here you can see all the ones we have published on Facebook.


Global Partner Summit

An annual meeting of all partners is held in San Francisco, USA, to present news, products and promote the exchange of ideas and points of view of each of them. Here's what the 2017 Facebook Global Partner Summit was like.

Adsmurai at FMP Global Summit

You can check out our official Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partners pages.

Or you can click here to try Adsmurai Marketing Platform.


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