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Feed Management

multichannel selling

Simplifying Multichannel Selling: Leveraging Adsmurai’s Feed Management Tool

Multi-channel selling is a strategy that recognises the diverse ways in which modern consumers shop and seeks to engage them effectively across...

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product feed optimization

Product Feed Optimization: A Key Strategy for E-Commerce Growth

Product feed optimization is a key aspect for e-commerce today, as it can have a significant impact on the visibility, performance and success of...

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feed management

What is feed management and why is it important for your e-commerce?

Reaching your target audience, driving traffic to your online shop, making your business' products or services visible online... These are very...

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Catálogo de productos Pinterest

How to set up your e-commerce product catalog on Pinterest

The main advantage of Pinterest over other platforms is that the process of the user saving and retaining ideas happens on Pinterest much earlier...

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best practices product feed

9 product feed best practices to increase your ads effectiveness

If you have an e-commerce and have set up Social Ads campaigns, you have probably heard about the Facebook catalog or the Google Shopping product...

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feed management shopping channels

Feed Management & Feed Optimization for Dynamic Ads & Shopping Channels

For a brand advertising on social media, whether it be on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc, an optimized data feed can not only boost...

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