Instagram Stories Dynamic Ads: Sky-rocket sales through stories!

Instagram Stories Dynamic Ads: Sky-rocket sales through stories!

Today we’ll be taking a look at Instagram Stories Dynamic Ads, but instead of focusing on the launch itself, we’ll drill down on the important stuff i.e. the huge opportunity it brings you and your business, primarily how it can be used to increase social media sales.

Let's dive in!

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Dynamic Ads: What are they & why are they important?

Dynamic Ads are banners featuring products in different formats that are presented as personalized ads, automated changes are made using user search behaviour in order to present the most compelling content for individual users.
Instead of a static image, each user is presented with the image that is most likely to lead to a conversion. Using retargeting, ads are more specific to each user, meaning two people can be online at the same time, on the same site and see different ads. This is because targeted ads are fed by a product feed, which takes information straight from your catalog of products. This then presents the most appropriate landing page or image, in real-time to each individual user.
So, if you include the higher engagement rate of Stories into the equation, you can see that this is a very powerful new placement for Dynamic Ads to increase your sales.
This information is then used in conjunction with pixel, to send related ads to users as part of a dynamic remarketing campaign. Instead of showing the same image, Feeds from Adsmurai Marketing Platform allows you to display different previews depending on preferences that the user indicated with their search behaviour.
(If you’re not quite sure what Dynamic Ads are, don’t worry, we’ll go into detail later, but essentially, Dynamic Ads are far superior versions of traditional ads in that they are more likely to lead to conversions).
Dynamic Ads are banners featuring products in different formats that are presented as personalized ads, automated changes are made using user search behavior in order to present the most compelling content for individual users.
It's important to remember that Dynamic Ads are available for Instagram stories, not Facebook stories. The traditional single image as well as carousels will be able to use Dynamic Ads
The aims & objectives behind the launch of Dynamic Ads for Instagram Stories are fivefold:
      • Product catalog sales
      • mobile app installs
      • Lead generation
      • Traffic
      • Conversions
Dynamic Ads in the Facebook Feed that leverage Facebook's creative tools, overlays or fixed cards will still deliver on Instagram Stories but the specific features won't appear.
If they use map cards, videos in catalog, category cards, collections or store visits objective, the ads won't function on Instagram Stories.
So how do I enable Dynamic Ads campaigns?
Ensure Instagram Stories is checked as a placement, or use automatic placements in which case it will automatically be checked. This initial launch will help further Instagrams understanding of the Dynamic Ads environment so that changes can be made to make incremental improvements to the Stories environment.



Instagram Stories for Business

Instagram stories date back to 2016, and today, most users use this feature to let their friends take a look at the brunch they’re currently enjoying. We’ve spoken at length before about how this has been a huge development for businesses in terms of user-generated content and the benefits it brings.
But that’s not the end of it, these benefits go further still, for advertisers, this latest launch presents a huge opportunity in that it will be possible to use Dynamic Ads in Instagram stories.



Increasing engagement on social media & why Dynamic Ads will be huge

Engagement, leads, sales. This is the remit of marketing, we need to bring traffic, convert this traffic into a lead and ultimately the company makes sales. The start of this particular journey begins with posting on social media, how do we engage the audience? Well, Instagram stories receive 2-3x more engagement than regular content.
Think about it, 2-3 times greater engagement from stories, of course, we have to keep producing regular content but stories are an absolute must.



Dynamic Ads & how to increase social media sales

Being Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partners, we were able to guide you through how to make the most of new features such as the Instagram Shopping Checkout and Instagram Shop Looks, before most people had even heard of them. But instead of a play-by-play on what the new feature is, (Instagram Business page has that covered), we’re only concerned with how to use it to increase social media sales.
Instagram stories Dynamic Ads, it’s debatable as to whether it will be as revolutionary as say, the Instagram Shopping Checkout for increasing social media sales. However, it’s certainly on the same path, and the huge benefit it brings marketers is unquestionable, in terms of bringing engagement, leads and sales from social media.
Take a look at the examples of fashion brand Uterqüe and hotel industry leaders Palladium Hotel Group that worked with us and were able to reduce CPA by more than 35%, increase ROAS over 95% and more.
Our Dynamic Ads are not traditional ads, they’re better.



Why Use Feeds?

As you know, there's no need to use any third party software to create your Dynamic Ads as you can do it straight with business Manager from Facebook. But, you can create your own layouts and have a much greater impact than the flat images of your competitors. Feeds tool from Adsmurai Marketing Platform is ready to take the most of Dynamic Ads for feed AND stories.



The Challenge & The Opportunity

Stories are now available for catalog sales, the challenge is to adapt images from the traditional square format to vertical format. Traditional images do not fit vertical stories and so now this development has been rolled out, companies will be frantically rushing to try and adapt their content.
But you don’t need to panic, you won’t be left behind, because at Adsmurai we’ve been ensuring content is able to fit into the vertical stories, meaning everything is ready for you to make the most of Dynamic Ads.
We’re ahead of the game in terms of making sales from amazing ads on social media, increasing ROI on ad spend etc, and we can help you do the same.
Your product catalog is likely extensive, some of our clients catalogs contain more than 70k images. Can you imagine trying to create ads for each and every one? Nope. This is where Feeds can really save you. There are different layouts to choose from, once selected, they are filled by Dynamic Ads (using the method we discussed earlier).
So, while others are unable to adapt images to story format and will spend the next few months desperately playing catchup, Adsmurai is already able to do this at scale.
Adsmurai is able to help you adapt images to story format at scale.
Get in touch in order to create the kind of content that brings increased engagement and sales. It only takes 10 seconds and can sky-rocket your revenue from social media sales.

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