Real leads are not just a dream

Real leads are not just a dream

Until now, there was no Facebook format that could guarantee leads for your business or company. You should use a clicks to web campaign that couldn’t guarantee a real interest or the future contact with you. It has changed.

Lead Ads, Facebook’s last novelty to generate leads for your company is already operating. Explaining how it works is nearly as easy as using it. You won’t believe how fast it will be to reach your potential customers in an effective way.

Getting your potential customers’ mail is much easier and faster than trying to sell a product, and it is, without a doubt, a good way to start a relation. Which are the consequences? A higher brand recall and loyalty. Your customers won’t feel pressure, the opposite that happens with common product ads, they will feel informed, valued by the brand and then, when they need to buy something, they will think of you to do it.

Lead Ads appears in the mobile news feed, as the desktop option is not available yet, and it is presented as a normal ad. The difference stays in the call to action button, with the word “subscribe” that will open a form in order to give your mail and full name. Facebook fills the boxes with the name and email of the user, so that if they match with the real information of the customer, they won’t have to write a single word. If they want to change the information pre filled by Facebook, they can erase it and write it themselves. Then they press the button “send” and you will have a new lead.

How to start?

First of all you need to find an information or offer valuable for your potential customer. You will give them what they are looking for, for free, in exchange of their e-mail. You have to propose a worthy exchange.

What can you offer?

You can choose from a wide range but always if it makes sense. Printable versions of your outstanding articles, e-books related to your business, discounts and prizes, video tutorials or even online courses. Possibilities are huge, just worry about focusing your campaign to the right audience with a real interest, provide useful content and be sure that it is perceived as high-value content and easy to consume.

Creating a great landing page

Now that you know what you can offer, you need to create a space to offer it. If you have the tools and team needed, you can customize a landing page inside your own web page. If not, Facebook provides third-party tools to create a landing page adapted to the format. At the end, your Lead Ads campaign will depend on your ability to drive traffic to the landing page. Once there, it should be clear for every user. Don’t forget that your goal is getting that email, and offer an advantage, so forget to add links to other pages or any other distraction. Focus on your goal. You should also think about the form’s size. The shorter it is, the more possibilities you have that they fill it. The name and email form is one of the shorter forms, but Facebook allows access to an editor where you can choose the information and questions needed. Questions can have free answers or be multiple choice. We recommend multiple choice questions, to make it easier for your customers and avoid them leaving the form.

The average cost of a form in Spain is 3€ per lead. Even so, we have seen too long formas that they cost 5€ per lead, and simple forms that cost less than 50 cents per lead. If you offer high quality content, user will want to answer our questions, but the conversion rate will be lower.

About design, don’t compress all the information, blank spaces help users focalize their attention. This form must be visible at first sight because not many users will scroll to look for it. Colors help capturing attention right where we want. The same happens with pictures that show us where to look at.  

We must take profit of the system’s simplicity to present it to the user in the easiest way. 

Get traffic

Now that you have your landing page, you need to make Facebook users reach it. First of all, focus on design. Choose a good picture, a good header and a great copy. Focus on the benefits of your promotions and not the knowledge you provide, even though it is interesting. If we would like to promote this post we would write “Get leads for your company” and not “Learn how to create a Lead Ads campaign on Facebook”. Emphasize that it is free and create urgency with sentences like “In just 24 hours you can win a trip to Thailand”.

Segment in a properly way

Choose the correct audience. Facebook allows gender, age or interests segmentation . If your company sells sport clothes for men, you should segment it for men, interested in sport, and we could even write some sports you have clothes for. If you don’t know who your target is, you can make a test and modify it later. There is no minimum audience but we recommend it to be higher than 40.000-50.000 users. If not, we take the risk that your target won’t be available when they receive the impact, or that the audience will be quickly saturated.

The minimum inversion is $1  and even though higher budgets will have more possibilities to reach a larger audience, with  good segmentation and distribution of the budget, nearly every budget can be optimized.

Don’t forget to install a conversion pixel in the thank you page after the form to monitor all the answers and the % of users that once there fill the form.

In addition, to get more leads, add the form link in your own spaces outside Facebook like your web page, your blog posts, e-mails or pop-ups.

Download your leads

You must be manager of the page. From Business Manager you find a window named Publication Tools. Once there, in the left-side bar you have a headland with your forms. With just one click you can download the leads of your active forms in an Excel format.  

You already have the leads, now what?

Now you have to transform these leads into customers. You have got their attention and you must keep this relation. In order to do it, start in the Thank You page. Users will just have given you their information, will have an interest created in that moment, and will be ready to know more about you. Use it to add links to your web, blog, online shop, newsletter subscription or product trials. Don’t forget that most of them will come from Facebook, so stay active in the social network to keep talking to them.


In Adsmurai we already use this new format and we have put it into practice with two customers and ourselves.

Our first case was with Exoticca, a page that offers travels and escapades, that wanted to get leads by offering a participation in a raffle to win a travel to Maldives or Vietnam.

Lead form Exoticca Lead form Exoticca

As we see, the form is short and the questions are filled automatically by Facebook. The only effort for users is choosing their favourite destination, effort that can provide a prize, so they do it without standing against it.


The second case was Oxfam Intermon. They wanted to give information and receive collaboration in a project to provide potable water to countries where wells are contaminated and used as war weapons.

Lead Form oxfam Lead Form oxfam


In this case, we wanted to get the full name, phone and e-mail address, everything pre filled by Facebook. Just one click and they would be registered.

So what are you waiting for? Do we start getting leads? Contact us!

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