Supporting gender equality in the technology industry

Supporting gender equality in the technology industry

The importance of the debate on a greater female presence in the technology sector leads us to events such as SheStartup, which emphasise the need for a change in existing roles.

The situation of women in the technology sector remains one of the pending challenges in terms of gender equality. This is a global problem, so it is essential to focus on changing the dynamic that has been going on for years. The figures show that the percentage of women in the technology industry is still quite low.



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It is essential to highlight the role played by women in this context and how the sector is attempting to change from within. The main objective of these changes is not only to achieve a greater representation of women, but also to try to break the established patterns. For it is crucial the presence of initiatives that have as mission to put the emphasis on this situation gathering different women of the technological sector.

SheStartup, the tech community with all the voices

It is the case of SheStartup, organized by AllWomen and Bstartup. The first edition of an event of women in tech and some of the most successful startups in Barcelona and which achieved an absolute success of attendance. This proves the need to create a networking space in which keys are given to understand the importance of each of the profiles. "There is a boom of opportunities in the technological field, but female presence is still very low," says Fátima Rodríguez, Product Manager of Adsmurai, among the companies from Barcelona that were part of the panel of the last edition, along with Holaluz, Badi, Glovo, Cooltra or Wallapop. "Initiatives such as the SheStartup event, which support the presence of women who are currently working in technology, help a lot to give visibility and generate community", she adds.



Another key element is the diversity that comes from emphasizing equality. "We are increasingly surrounded by technology and we must count on all voices and all points of view," says Fatima. The concept of "community" is also important, as the technology sector must be seen as a space for innovation and disruption in which plurality is present.


Focusing on education

One of the key aspects is knowing how to identify where the problem lies. It is interesting to know how to raise the different possibilities that make us follow an established dynamic from an early stage: "The only way for this to change is to start from schools and from families. It's often mental, social and linked to education," she affirms.


Diversity: key in the tech industry

It is essential to take advantage of the development of initiatives such as those carried out by AllWomen in order to reach a point that allows us to break with what has been established in the short and long term.  "It is the motivation that influences, not the fact that socially there is this pressure on whether it is a profession for men or for women. We must change that trend". 



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