Trends in Digital Marketing for 2021

Trends in Digital Marketing for 2021

It is true that one of the main lessons we can draw from 2020 is the capacity to adapt to constant change and instability. Even so, we bring you the list of digital marketing trends that we believe your brand cannot miss in 2021.


ecommerce in the spotlight
The digital transformation of commerce that we have experienced during 2020 will continue during the next year. Linked to ecommerce, in 2021 will also be consolidated:

    • International commerce
    • Instant messaging to provide service to users
    • Mobile payments, also promoting biometric identification through both fingerprints and voice.

mobile payments

Channel diversification
The rise of ecommerce will bring with it a diversification of distribution channels, for example, in the restaurant and hotel sector more and more businesses will resort to take away and home deliveries. Other sectors that will join these trends are food and telemedicine.
Although the marketplaces have become the main place where the user seeks information about the product, showrooms will become the new offline shopping format. The consumer will be able to see the products, in temporary or permanent "exhibition" stores, but the purchase will have to be made online. This way, agglomerations are avoided and the shopping experience is much more exclusive and personalized.
Virtual and augmented reality
Virtual and Augmented Reality are also back on trend with the aim of customizing the shopping processes of each user, improving their experience and transforming deliveries.
Valuable Content
One of the main trends for 2021 is value content. So don't hesitate to use personalized ads and smart remarketing campaigns in your marketing strategies. According to Cyberclick, the classic 4Ps of marketing will become the 5As next year: Contribute with valuable content for the user, help the client and not just think about selling, anticipate to news and market changes, automate processes and tasks and adapt to your buyer persona preferences.
Mobile, applications and user experience
We saw it during the lockdown and it will become evident during 2021. The smartphone has become THE device for users to connect, entertain themselves, get information and above all... buy. That's why we're beginning to hear words like m-commerce or mobile commerce.
growth global time spent mobile activities
Therefore, 2021 will be marked by the couch trade or "shopping from the couch", the rise of fintech, the establishment of new forms of payment, records in mobile game downloads, streaming video applications...
Consequently, the download of applications is increasing. It is important that the digital marketing strategy of your brand takes into account the app and the experience of the digital consumer in them.
What will happen in social media?
As a new habit adopted during the months of lockdown, this is the list of trends in social media for 2021:
    • Brand participation in user conversations on social media.
    • Expanding audience on platforms, baby boomers are expanding their presence on social networks.
    • The social commerce for the user through shoppable posts and the user generated content for the brands. 
    • Microinfluencers as loudspeakers for the brands, especially Instagram and TikTok.
These last months of 2020, the platforms have launched many new features that you should take into account in your next marketing strategies:


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