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What are Dynamic Ads & How it works

Let's start at the beginning. We tell you how it works, benefits and real and frequently asked questions about Dynamic ads. All explained with examples and case studies.

Let's say a user is struck by your brand on Instagram. He is interested in it, interacts on your networks to learn more about the latest bag model you have launched and enters the e-commerce site. At that moment, they call you, get lost and leave the website without finishing their purchase. It wasn't the right moment, but the user is still interested! The most logical way to motivate them to finish the purchase process is to remind them with another campaign at another time (retargeting).
Can you imagine having to create a campaign exclusively for each user who falls by the wayside? Automation allows you to reach these users without having to spend an unattainable amount of time. And best of all, Dynamic ads offers product personalization according to the interests of each user.



What are Dynamic ads?

Personalized ads at scale. Using dynamic ads, any brand is able to segment those people who have been on their website or app and offer them exclusively the products they have seen or are most interested in.


How are Dynamic Ads different from other ads?

Mainly, in the results. The ROI increases considerably (as the ads are personalized, the audience is much more receptive, so the conversion rate usually increases). The click and conversion rate is usually much higher than a static ad (where you choose the image/product to be displayed manually), which drastically reduces costs. 



  • Automation: you save infinite time for creation, optimization and analysis.

  • Personalization: results are improved by offering specifically the product that interests each person.

  • Cross device: no matter on which device the user has started the purchase process, he/she is re-engaged wherever he/she is.

How do they work?

Through the implementation of a pixel to the eCommerce or SDK in the app (and setting "events" at each step), it allows to track users. At the same time, the brand uploads its product catalog to Facebook, where the information is cross-referenced.


Some questions that our customers ask us and may be useful to you:

  • Can I offer my products to those who don't know my brand yet?

    Yes, with Broad audience. This option allows you to reach users who have searched for a product very similar to yours without having visited your platform. For example, those who have searched for "seasonal bag". 

  • My product photos are not very good, how can I make them more attractive?

    Adsmurai created a complementary platform to Dynamic ads called Adsmurai Marketing Platform. One of its advantages is the "Creatives" tool: it allows you to create design templates to decorate your product photos. This way you make them more attractive and stand out from the rest of the ads. 



  • What if I run out of stock, what happens?

    Nothing. The product catalog is updated periodically to avoid this problem.

  • Can I promote the sale of some specific products or categories?

    Yes, besides being able to cross-sell and up-sell with Facebook, the Adsmurai Marketing Platform "Feeds" tool allows you to add "Rules and conditions", such as: select a category, collection, select products from a minimum price, show men's products... and without having to upload different catalogs each time.


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