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Connect with your audience on TikTok for special occasions.

Connect with your audience on TikTok for special occasions.

Special occasions are unique opportunities for brands and content creators on TikTok. From holidays like Christmas and Halloween to cultural events like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, these occasions offer a relevant and emotional context to connect with your audience in an authentic way.

Special occasion campaigns on TikTok not only allow you to showcase your creative and emotional side, but also give you the opportunity to make a significant impact on brand awareness and user engagement. By tailoring your content and messaging to these occasions, you can build deeper connections with your audience and capitalise on the attention generated by specific events.

In this article, we will explore the importance of special occasion campaigns on TikTok, looking at campaign objectives and the positive impact these campaigns can have on a brand's digital presence.



Why run special occasion campaigns on TikTok? 

TikTok has become the leading destination for discovering gifts, crafts, etc. for special occasions such as Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. This opens up a range of opportunities for brands and creators to connect with the public around different special occasions.

Inspirational discoveries 

Consider creating content that offers unique gift ideas, crafts or special recipes to celebrate that special day, harnessing the inspirational power of the platform.

Deeper dives  

Whether it's going deeper, sharing stories or offering detailed guides on how to create the perfect experience, your content can be the go-to source for users looking for more information.

Highlight your products

Highlighting products or services relevant to these special occasions could generate actionable results. Showcase your offerings through tutorials, unboxings or user testimonials to align with tactical search behaviour observed on the platform.


Objectives of special occasion campaigns on TikTok 

Once you understand the importance of using TikTok for special occasions, it's time to choose the objective you want your campaign to have. There are three types: Branding, Full Funnel or Performance. We show them below:


Branding, campaigns that create brand awareness

Awaken interest and familiarity with your brand. Use this moment of celebration to make a memorable impression and create a lasting relationship with your audience.

  • Pre-warm up: Generate curiosity and start gaining awareness.

    • In-Feed Ads: Effective for building awareness and priming audiences for more targeted retargeting efforts. Suitable for advertisers with varying budgets, these ads combine well with premium options such as Pulse, balancing cost and impact efficiently.

  • Escalate: Capture attention with the help of content creators before the time is right.

    • Branded Mission: Enable you to source authentic content from TikTok creators, convert top-performing videos into ads, and improve brand affinity with media impressions. Leverage the creator community to celebrate the holidays.

  • Launch moment: maximise awareness with a premium product.

    • TikTok Pulse: TikTok Pulse ensures proximity to the most popular and safest videos for brands on TikTok. Use Pulse to appear immediately after the top 4% of Fashion & Beauty content with Category Lineups. 


Full Funnel, campaigns to nurture every step from discovery to sale

Design a journey for these special occasions that converts interest into loyalty. Create resonant touch points that attract and lead to meaningful customer action.

  • Prospecting: Leverage VSA (Video Shoppings Ads) prospecting to target a broad audience of potential shoppers. 

  • Awareness: Drive reach with TopView and Pulse. Generate buzz on day one with TopView, and combine it with Pulse for maximum reach.

  • Engagement: Drive consideration and maintain engagement. Maintain your reach and use brand auctions to re-engage exposed audiences and reinforce consideration. 

  • Retargeting: Convert interest into sales with Retargeting VSAs (Video Shopping Ads) or Web Conversion Ads. Increase your retargeting spend after peak times and take advantage of increased traffic to your website/application.


Performance, campaigns to boost sales 

Maximise sales through strategic product placement and personalised campaigns. Seize the moment to showcase your products, driving purchases and building brand loyalty with a personalised shopping experience.

  • Lead Ads (Optional): You can capture leads through forms on your own website or on TikTok, and then convert these audiences into high-value customers.

  • VSA Prospecting: Prospecting helps you find potential customers who have been interested in similar products. Use it with Product Sets to highlight specific gifts for these special occasions.

  • VSA Retargeting: Retargeting allows you to target high-value users and past cart abandoners to offer personalised product recommendations. Use it with Image Carousel to expand your creative. 

  • Web Conversion Ads: Web Conversion Ads deliver higher conversion rates at a lower cost per action by identifying the users most likely to convert on your site. Use prospecting and retargeting strategies to engage users early and drive conversion.


Creative solutions for special occasion campaigns at TikTok

Maximise impact at every step of the ad creation process with TikTok's suite of creative solutions. Keep in mind that creative quality is responsible for nearly half of incremental ad-driven sales, so it's something to keep in mind.


Get inspired, unleash your creative vision and unleash your creative vision.

Unleash your next big idea and find relevant ways to establish product relevance.

The TikTok Creative Center is designed to support and encourage creative expression for users, and offers diverse tools and resources that inspire creators to explore new forms of storytelling, experiment with visual and sound effects, and connect with global audiences in an authentic way.

  • Trend intelligence: Discover trending hashtags, songs, creators and videos to find out what's trending on TikTok.

  • Top Ads Dashboard: Explore the top TikTok ads within your region, category and targeting to see how others have created content for the platform.

  • Creative Assistant: Get TikTok creative inspiration tips, insights, solution recommendations and more.

  • Script Generator: Leverage the Script Generator to generate scripts in seconds by harnessing the power of AI.


Safe production

Collaborate with expert partners on world-class production solutions to maximise visibility.

Work with content creators on the platform:

  • Creator marketplace: Collaborate with creators to establish your brand authentically within communities.

  • Creative challenge: Receive high-performing creator-produced creative for full funnel ads at scale.

Work with a production partner: 

  • TikTok Creative Exchange: Partner with the right TikTok expert for fast, scalable, high-performing ad creatives. The Creativ_, Adsmurai's creative department is part of the TikTok Creative Exchange.


Find royalty-free music:

  • Commercial Music Library: Get your free and accessible commercial music with multi-dimensional filters.

Efficient optimisation

Launch your campaign and set up your creatives with minimum effort.

  • Image Carousel: Leverage your catalogue images and pair them with VSA Retargeting to dynamically display relevant products to users.

  • Smart Fix: Improve your videos with Smart Fix. Notifies you of potential ad review issues and offers creative solutions.

  • Smart Creative: Combat creative fatigue and extend the life of your ads with Smart Creative.

Planning and executing special occasion campaigns on TikTok presents an unparalleled opportunity for brands and content creators. These dates offer an emotional and relevant context to connect with audiences in an authentic way.


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