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How does an app campaign look like?

The two strongest moments of the term are just around the corner: Black Friday and the Christmas campaign are getting closer and closer. After the months of lockdown and the new economic and social context, it is time to put forward a good strategy to "kick it" in this last part of the year.

One of the consequences of the months we have stayed home has been the digital transformation of the consumer: the use of mobile devices has increased, downloads of applications have increased and so have online purchases. Let's take advantage of this change in consumer habits by discovering how brands can optimize user activity in the app to get the most out of app campaigns before the end of the year.

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What are app campaigns?


The first thing you should know is that these are application campaigns. These are campaigns that aim to get users to download the brand's app and then redirect the traffic to specific actions.

Like with any other marketing strategy, there are different actions that can help us complement these campaigns and achieve a full-funnel strategy for our app. The 3 steps that these campaigns go through are the following:

  • Awareness, when the objective is that the user knows the application.

  • Consideration, when we want the user to download the app. Campaigns with this type of objectives are also known as application download campaigns or App Installs.

  • Conversion, when the objective is for the user (who has previously gone through the previous steps) to perform a specific action in the app.

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A full-funnel strategy is one that covers all the stages that the consumer goes through from the moment he or she knows the brand until he or she makes a purchase. One of the main advantages is that the brand can personalize communications for the user as much as possible, depending on the stage of the funnel in which he or she is.


These types of campaigns can be carried out through a large number of platforms: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, TikTok Ads, Snapchat Ads... In addition to access to these platforms, there are other elements you need: An application, a budget, and creativity. Not to mention a good strategy to promote this type of campaign and a measurement system to analyze the results and improve your overall marketing objectives.


Why it is important to be able to measure user activity in the app


As with the pixel on the web, in the application we also need to measure information on user activity. From now on, we will refer to the "Pixel" of the app as SDK (software development kit) or the code that will collect the information in the app.

The SDK becomes a must for launching app campaigns and carrying out a full-funnel strategy. It is also important to correctly install all the events of the SDK, that is to say, the elements that will allow us to follow up on the actions that the user will carry out: see a product, add to the cart, buy it... But, how can I take advantage of this information?

  • We will be able to measure the user's activity in the app.

  • Generate retargeting audiences to re-impact the user.

  • Even... Optimize campaigns to lead the user to concrete actions in the app.

After this information it is normal that you still have doubts about your app, our Solutions Engineering team is expert in implementing and checking the SDK in applications in order to improve the performance of your campaigns and achieve results like the ones we told you about in our Wallapop hit.

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The punch line

Once you've realised that you need an app campaign to prepare your brand for the two big occasions remaining in 2020, remember this checklist:

  • Set the goal of your campaign: awareness, consideration or conversion.

  • Install the SDK to track user activity in the app.

  • Configure the events correctly to optimize the ads.

Tip: Whenever you do app campaigns, use deep links in your ads. These are links that will send the user directly to the product in your app and not to the link on your website. This will help to improve the results of the campaign and the user experience.

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