What to keep in mind before launching a Snapchat Ads campaign

What to keep in mind before launching a Snapchat Ads campaign

Whether you're looking to generate awareness, increase visits to your website, encourage app downloads or drive sales, you shouldn't pass up the opportunity to include Snapchat in your digital marketing strategy. 


Why use Snapchat for your brand?

If your target is Generation Z or Millennials, have no doubt, Snapchat is one of the best social networks to increase user acquisition, brand awareness and sales. 
On average, 293 million people use Snapchat every day and daily usage time is 30 minutes. In fact, in the United States, 75% of Generation Z and Millennials use Snapchat. 
Between these two generations, the app has more than $1 trillion in purchasing power. In addition, a third of its users are more likely to make purchases from mobile devices. Why shouldn't you start making ads on Snapchat? Let's see what options the app offers us.
Snapchat has developed its own advertising solution, Snapchat Ads. The app allows you to launch mobile ad campaigns quickly and monitor their performance by optimizing the goals of your digital marketing strategy. If your target is on Snapchat, no matter your brand sector: Snapchat has a solution for your brand. Is your company an e-commerce? Drive online sales or any other action on your website. Are you a game or app developer? Increase downloads and re-engage users. Are you a local business? Drive traffic to your physical store with geo-targeted audiences. 

What is the goal in Snapchat Ads?

The first thing you'll need before advertising on Snapchat is a personal account. Use your personal account username and password to create a business account by logging into Snapchat Ads Manager.
The first essential step to get the most out of Snapchat Ads is to determine the objective of the campaign you are going to launch. 

    • Awareness: If you are looking to generate awareness about your business, brand, application or product. This objective will allow you to create brand awareness, show your ads to potential customers or your new products/services to existing or potential customers.
    • Consideration: If your objective is to drive consideration, encourage users to learn more about your products or services. Choose between increasing app installs, website traffic, engagement with your brand, generating video views or lead generation.
    • Conversions: If your goal is to drive conversions, drive users to perform specific actions on your website or in your app. It is also your goal if you want to drive catalog sales. Don't forget that for this goal you need a Snap Pixel or Snapchat pixel.

The Snap Pixel is a code that tracks the actions that Snapchatters take on your website, measure the impact of your campaigns and re-engage those users interested in your products or services.
Once you have chosen your target, it's time to see what Snapchat Ads formats exist.



Snapchat Ads ad formats

Snapchat ads allow you to engage with your users in an organic and non-invasive way allowing your strategy to achieve meaningful results. There are 6 types of ads:
    • Single Image and Snapchat Video Ads: This is a full-screen format available for multiple targets. They allow to have an immediate impact, leading Snapchat users to swipe up and perform an action.
    • Collection Ads: Allows to show several products in the same ad. A mosaic with four images appears at the bottom of the ad, offering navigation to Snapchatters.
    • AR Lenses Experiences: Allows to create interactive moments with augmented reality experiences.
    • Story Ads: They appear in the Discover section. You can include a series of 3 to 20 ads in Single Image or Video Ads format and allow you to generate buzz about your brand.
    • Commercials: This type of ads cannot be skipped for six seconds and can last up to three minutes. They appear within Snap's curated content.
    • Filter Ads: They are part of the users' conversation. They appear after taking a photo (Snap) and swiping left or right.
All of these ad formats can appear in three different places within the application: in user stories, in editorial content or in the Audience Network.
If you need more information about the specifics of each format, download our Social Media Formats guide.


In addition to these formats, Snapchat also offers the possibility to make dynamic ads. They are an easy way to personalize ads for your customers and significantly increase the ROAS of your campaigns.
Snapchat's dynamic ads have helped SikSilk improve ROAS by up to 57% compared to other platforms. In the same vein, SikSilk's ticket to purchase increased by 54% more than other platforms. Find out how we have improved SikSilk's ROAS compared to other platforms and increased average ticket, while impacting a new and younger audience. 
SikSilk Adsmurai
As you can see, by leveraging the product catalog and Snapchat pixel, we can automate ad creation while optimizing the most important actions for your brand such as driving online purchases. To run dynamic ads, you need to upload a product catalog or feed and connect the Snapchat pixel. 



Launch your Snapchat Ads campaign

Once you have chosen the objective of your Snapchat campaign, created the ad and set the target, budget and duration; it's time to launch your Snapchat Ads campaign.
Don't forget to measure the results that matter to your business. Get actionable insights to make data-driven decisions that improve your campaigns. This information will allow you to optimize and improve ad performance and maximize ROI.

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The app has managed to turn Snapchat advertising into a form of entertainment by getting brands to impact users in a playful way. What then is the key formula of Snapchat Ads? Entertainment + virality.
Snapchatters create, participate and share in their stories any type of interactive ads and that exponentially increases engagement with your products or services.

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