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What are Meta Advantage Shopping campaigns and how do they work? - Adsmurai

What are Meta Advantage Shopping campaigns and how do they work?

Meta Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns is one of Meta's Advantage+ products that uses automation to optimise campaigns so that advertisers can sell their products online as efficiently as possible.



What are Advantatge+ Shopping Campaigns

Advantage+ Shopping campaigns help advertisers get smarter and faster about which campaigns are converting. It eliminates the manual steps of ad creation and automates up to 150 creative combinations at once. 

These types of campaigns use machine learning to reach the best audiences using less setup time and improve ad efficiency for performance-focused advertisers aiming to increase online sales.

Meta's advertising solution combines machine learning with proven best practices to optimise campaigns across the entire user-to-customer journey, saving advertisers time and optimising their budgets.


How do Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns work?

This type of campaign requires advertisers to enter less information when creating the campaign, simplifies audience choices and streamlines the content management process. 

Their function is to optimise campaign performance based on the advertiser's objective. In addition, audiences consisting of existing and potential customers can be combined within a campaign with personalised products from a product catalogue. 

By using machine learning it is possible to identify and target the most valuable customers across Meta's entire set of applications and services using only the necessary information. As a result, fewer ads can be served without having to adjust or update them to simplify campaign setup and management.

The Advantage+ Shopping option gives Meta more freedom to configure campaigns to optimise results as much as possible. 

Taking Machine Learning to another level, Meta offers with these campaigns to improve cost per acquisition and increase purchases from more qualitative users by automating targeting, locations and content.



Benefits of including Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns in your digital marketing strategy

Advantage+ Shopping campaigns offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Quick and easy set-up

  • Use of Machine Learning to create effective and agile ad combinations

  • Availability of up to 150 creative combinations to determine the best performing ads

  • Ability to target new and existing customers with customised product offers

  • Deliver the highest performing ad variation to potential buyers

  • By automating audiences (combining all the audiences you may have), it is expected to reduce overlapping audiences. 

  • Much more qualified audiences.

  • Increase buys and reduce cost per results. 

  • Meta test various combinations to create the ad (adding Call to Actions, buttons, showing more or less information and some or other photos) to find the ad most likely to convert for each user.

7 Steps to set up an Advantage+ Shopping Campaign

When setting up an Advantage+ Shopping campaign on Meta, there are certain steps to take into account in order to generate a good campaign and good results. Here we show them to you:

  1. Go to the Ad Manager.

  2. Click Create Campaign.

  3. Select the campaign objective, either Conversions or Sales. Then click Continue.

  4. Select Advantage+ Shopping Campaign. Click Continue.


  5. You must manually enter the following configuration information:

    1. The name of the campaign. 

    2. The conversion location. The options are as follows:

    - Website: Drive sales and conversions on your website. If this location has been chosen, we must ensure that the Goal pixel has the Purchase event set up.

    - Website and app: Drive sales and conversions on your website or app. Remember to choose the pixel or SDK and their respective Buy events.





    3. Choose the location of the audience by choosing one or more countries. 

    4. The daily budget by adding the start and end dates of the campaign.

  6. Click on import or create ads.

  7. Publish the campaign.


Requirements to run Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

In order to be able to use Advantage+ Shopping campaigns, the following requirements must be met:

  • Have the Goal pixel installed

  • Aim to attract new online customers and/or increase sales by retargeting existing customers for repeat purchases.

  • Sufficient budget to generate a minimum of 50 conversions per campaign per week.

  • Select sales as the campaign objective

  • Use Ads Manager to execute campaigns


Best practices for optimizing Meta Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

Advantage+ Shopping is a type of Meta advertising campaign designed to target specific audiences based on their behaviours and interests. Here are some best practices for running Advantage Plus campaigns on Meta:

  • Understand your audience: Use Meta Business Suite Insights to learn about your target audience's demographics, interests and behaviours. This will help you create targeted ads that fit your audience.

  • Use engaging creative: Ad creative needs to be attention-grabbing, relevant and informative. High-quality images, videos and text can be used to capture users' attention and get them to interact. 

  • Test ads: A/B testing should be done to see which ad creatives and targeting strategies are most effective and which work best. With the results of these tests you can optimise your campaigns and improve their performance.

  • Use the Goal pixel: Use the Meta pixel to track conversions and re-target users who have already interacted with your brand.

  • Consider the user experience: Make sure your landing page matches your ad creative and is optimised for mobile devices. This will ensure a smooth user experience and improve conversion rates.




Online shopping campaigns have proven to be an effective strategy to increase visibility and sales of products in the digital environment. Among the various options available, Advantage+ Shopping campaigns offer a competitive advantage by allowing advertisers to offer exclusive and featured offers in product ads, resulting in greater impact and visibility among competitors.

An essential part of making the most of Advantage+ Shopping campaigns is ensuring that product data is well structured and optimised. This is where feed management solutions come into play. Product feeds are the backbone of shopping campaigns, providing the information needed to create accurate and relevant ads. 

Adsmurai Marketing Platform offers a comprehensive product feed management solution. It allows advertisers to optimise and personalise product information, ensuring that details such as title, description, price and images are accurate and appealing to consumers. 

Some ways in which Adsmurai Marketing Platform Feeds can power Advantage+ Shopping campaigns include:

  • Data optimisation: The platform allows for automatic optimisation of product data, improving ad quality and increasing relevance to users.

  • Advanced personalisation: Advertisers can create custom rules to automatically modify feed data, making it easy to create engaging, audience-specific ads.

  • Real-time updates: The ability to update the feed in real-time ensures that ads reflect the latest information, such as price changes or availability.

  • Analytics and tracking: Adsmurai Marketing Platform provides tools to track the performance of ads generated from feeds, allowing data-driven adjustments to optimise ad spend.

The use of machine learning has become an increasingly important option for brands and advertisers. Automation could be one of the best ways to maximise campaign performance. Advantage+ Shopping campaigns can help improve the campaign, whether it is to efficiently deliver ads to a specific group of people or to expand the brand's sales to new markets.



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