The most online Black Friday ever

The most online Black Friday ever

Crazy days are coming with Black Friday. This year all forecasts point to unexpected growth for ecommerce, in fact we have seen it with Singles Day or 11/11 Day. This time of the year campaigns' can't stop breaking all expectations!
The impact of COVID-19 is enormous and we must bear in mind that many buyers who used to visit the physical shops in previous years are now more prepared than ever to digitize this conversion process.

Tips for Black Friday in 2020
Before we start... Due to all the promotions that are launch during this month, it may be seem as a Cyber November. But... When does the Black Friday really start? Friday 27th November and it will be extended throughout the weekend to link up with Cyber Monday. To help you succeed and get it all together, our team of experts in feed management and digital strategy have put together a list of tips for you.

At a strategic level:
  • Before launching any campaign, it is very important to organise it beforehand: dates, actions... Having everything structured and working as much as possible in advance will avoid possible last-minute mistakes. For example, programming or modifying a campaign at the last minute, slows down the optimization and spend of the campaign.
  • It is a day full of promotions from all brands, which is why our team of experts recommends you think "out of the box". In other words, look for actions that are not traditional to be relevant to the consumer at a time of so much competition.
  • Even so, your strategy should not focus on a single day. Ideally, you should work on a longer-term action to guide users through all stages of the funnel to purchase and loyalty. A good idea, and one that we've seen works very well, is to add a "Prepare Your Basket" phase to your Black Friday campaign.
On a technical level, there are three aspects that you cannot neglect:
  • The first, related to prices. Make sure that the campaign shows the sale_price, not the normal price. Above all, check it in dynamic ad campaigns where the price is shown dynamically.
  • On the other hand, it is very important to keep the product catalogue updated and to constantly control the stock. If you use Adsmurai Marketing Platform for your campaigns, you must bear in mind that the catalogue must first be updated on our platform. And then do it on the platform where you are going to launch the Black Friday ads, for example: Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest... Also, don't forget to schedule the update times properly so that the flow between platforms is not broken.
Still not familiar with Adsmurai Marketing Platform?
  • Finally, both in the creatives and in the message, clearly mention that it is a Black Friday promotion. On that day, any other promotion will not be profitable because the consumer is focused on finding Black Friday offers. Don't hesitate and make the most of each ad format to get the most out of it. For example, in single image or carousel format, add the label on the cards and in collection format, use the main image to mention the Black Friday and the smaller images that show the products in your catalogue.

Do you have doubts with your Black Friday strategy?


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