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Pinterest Shopping: What it is and how it works

Social media marketing is essential today to reach massive and highly segmented audiences, encourage customer interaction and measure campaign performance. Pinterest Shopping, within Pinterest, stands out for its visual and inspirational approach, allowing businesses to showcase products in an engaging way and facilitating direct purchase from the platform. This makes it a powerful tool for driving sales and reaching consumers interested in discovering and purchasing products in a visually appealing and effective way.


What is Pinterest Shopping

Pinterest Shopping is a Pinterest feature and strategy that allows businesses to showcase and sell their products and services directly from the platform. 

After detecting the need for many users to buy after seeing images on Pinterest, the Shopping tool allows businesses to create "Shopping Pins". These pins include detailed information about the products, such as images, descriptions, prices and shopping links. From this pin, users can click on products to get more detailed information or make a purchase directly from the platform.


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This function provides us with several advantages, the following are the main ones:

  • High visual focus: Pinterest is a highly visual platform, allowing brands to showcase their products in an engaging way through images and visually appealing content.

  • Inspiration-driven shopping: Platform users often seek ideas and inspiration for their purchases, making it easier for brands to reach consumers interested in discovering their products.

  • Low costs: The competition in this social network is lower than in the rest of the platforms, so there is the possibility of having a higher visibility without having to invest a large amount of money. In addition, the CPC is lower compared to other platforms.

  • Ease of purchase: Shopping Pins allow users to purchase directly from Pinterest, making it easier to buy and increasing conversion.

  • Accurate targeting: They offer advanced targeting tools that allow brands to reach specific audiences based on interests, demographics and online behavior, which helps increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

  • Inspiration-to-purchase conversion: Pinterest is effective at turning inspiration into action. Users can explore themed boards, discover new products and make purchases directly, making it easy for brands to capitalize on the interest generated.

  • Increased visibility: Shopping Pins can appear in search results and on the dashboards of interested users.

  • Detailed analytics: Pinterest provides detailed metrics and analytics on the performance of Buy Pins, allowing companies to evaluate the success of their strategies and make adjustments to improve ROI.


How Shopping Ads work on Pinterest

Shopping ads on Pinterest are an effective way to promote products directly on the platform. Below, we show you step by step how it works:

  • Organize your product catalog: The first step is to create a product catalog on Pinterest. This involves uploading detailed information about your products, such as images, descriptions, prices and purchase links.

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  • Shopping Pins Configuration: Once we have the product catalog, we start creating Shopping Pins. You have to select specific products from your catalog and add them to your Pins. You must include attractive images, concise descriptions and the price of the product. Make sure you enable the "Shop on Pinterest" feature so users can checkout directly.

  • Set up campaign: Create an ad campaign in Pinterest Ads Manager. Select the campaign objective, budget, schedule and other important details. You can choose which Pins you want to promote.

  • Define Ad Groups: Within the campaign, you can create ad groups in order to organize and manage your Shopping Pins. Each ad group can have its own budget and targeting strategy.

  • Audience targeting: Pinterest offers a number of options to reach specific users, such as interests, keywords, demographics and online behaviors.

  • Ongoing monitoring and optimization: After the campaign is up and running, it's important to regularly monitor performance. Use the metrics provided by Pinterest Ads Manager to evaluate the success of your ads and make adjustments as needed in order to improve ROI.

In addition to following these steps, it is important to keep in mind to adapt the campaigns to the moment and the type of audience we want to reach, since Pinterest allows you to make different types of ads.


Pinterest Shopping Ad Formats

Pinterest offers a variety of ad formats that allow companies to promote their products effectively and combining them is key. In fact, data from the platform itself confirms that combining Shopping with static formats is the best strategy. For example, with Shopping ads alone, advertisers can achieve a conversion rate of 1.8x compared to using Non-Shopping ads alone. On the other hand, if Shopping and Non-Shopping ads are combined, we achieve a conversion rate of 15.5x.

Some of the types of ads are:

  • Product pins: Individual ads that showcase a specific product. These Pins include detailed information about the product. Users can click on the Pin to get more details and make a purchase.

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  • Shopping Carousels: Allow companies to display multiple products on a single Pin. Each product has its own image, description and purchase link.

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  • Collection Pins: Ads that feature a main product along with a collection of related products. These Pins are ideal for showcasing a variety of products that complement a specific theme.

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  • Catalog Shopping Pins: These Pins display a selection of products to highlight in a Catalog Shopping Pin and users can click on the products to view purchase details.

  • Automated Shopping Pins: Use information from your product catalog to create ads automatically, showing relevant products to users based on their behavior and preferences on Pinterest. This simplifies the creation of dynamic and personalized ads.

The selection of the appropriate format will depend on the specific strategy of each company and the type of products they wish to promote.


How to use Pinterest Shopping in your online business

Effectively implementing Pinterest Shopping into your marketing strategy can help you drive sales in your online business. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of this tool:

  • Set up a Business Account on Pinterest: It will give you access to business-specific features, such as advanced analytics and the ability to create Shopping Pins.

  • Design Attractive Shopping Pins: Use high-quality images that show your products in context, include concise descriptions and clear pricing, and make sure shopping links are up-to-date.

  • Use relevant keywords: Include relevant keywords in your descriptions and titles. This will help your Pins show up to users interested in similar products.

  • Create Theme Boards: Organize your Pins into theme boards that reflect your audience's interests. This makes it easy for users to explore and discover your products as they explore their interests.

  • Offer inspiring content: Share content that not only highlights your products, but also inspires users.

  • Promote your Shopping Pins: Use Pinterest Ads Manager to create specific advertising campaigns for your Shoppign Pins. Define your audience precisely and adjust your budget according to your goals.

  • Encourage Interaction and Community: Respond to user comments and questions.

By implementing these tips, you will be able to use the platform effectively in your online business, increase the visibility of your products and encourage conversions.


Advanced tips to maximize your Pinterest Shopping results

To maximize your Pinterest Shopping results and take your strategy to the next level, consider implementing these advanced strategies we explain below:

  • Use Rich Pins: Pins with additional information that is automatically updated from the website. For Pinterest Shopping, Product Pins are especially valuable, as they include dynamic product details such as price and availability, making it easy for users to get updated information directly from the pin.

  • Create video content: Consider creating Shopping Pins in video format to showcase your products in a dynamic way. Make sure the video is engaging and clearly explains product features and benefits.

  • Implement A/B testing: This will help you refine your strategy and improve the effectiveness of your ads.

  • Try different ad formats: Explore different formats, such as Carousel or Collection Pins, to see which works best for your products and your audience. Variety of ads can help keep users interested.

  • Implement Remarketing strategies: Use Pinterest Ads Manager to set up remarketing campaigns. Target your ads to people who have previously interacted with your Shopping pins or visited your website.

  • Use a feed management tool: We advise you to incorporate a feed management tool such as Adsmurai Marketing Platform's Feeds to organize and manage your product data easily and efficiently among the different channels of your strategy.

By applying these advanced strategies, you can significantly improve your results on Pinterest Shopping and make the most of this platform to drive sales in your online business.


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