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How to stay ahead of trends with Pinterest Predicts 2023

Probably one of the key success factors on Pinterest is planning. For example, if a company manages to organise its content and launch it at the right time, it can increase its brand awareness tenfold and even increase online sales by 22%.

Every year, the social network publishes Pinterest Predicts. A study that reflects the trending topics based on the dominant and rising searches of more than 400 million users worldwide.

According to Pinterest, "this is not another year-in-review trend report, but a report on what's not yet trending: a window into the future from the platform where it's planned. Here you'll find the top 27 emerging trends for 2023".

In fact, in the last three years, 80% of the predictions came true. And, surely this is due to the platform's main objective: inspiration, visual discovery and planning. 

Before you consider How to start with Pinterest Ads campaigns for eCommerce  don't miss out on the platform's trends for 2023.



The importance of trends on Pinterest

As we have discussed in previous articles, Pinterest has more than 459 million monthly active users and approximately 30% annual growth. As a result, it has become the leading platform for visual discovery and inspiration.
In this context, a trend report such as Pinterest Predicts can be of particular importance for advertisers to detect trending topics and reach their target audience in advance.
These searches also allow brands to know trends in advance in order to create strategies. With more than 80% of the platform's users having larger shopping carts compared to other platforms and the majority of users aiming to plan their purchases through the content they see on the platform, you should consider Pinterest for your business.
IEn los últimos tres años, el 80% de las predicciones de Pinterest Predicts se cumplieron. La plataforma ha demostrado tener un alto poder para adelantarse a las tendencias y posicionarse como el lugar donde éstas aumentan más rápido y perduran durante más tiempo. 

Top Pinterest trends in 2022

We show you some of the main trends separated by category for this year so that you can get ahead and apply them to your business model.



According to Pinterest Predicts, beauty will be a trend that will emerge very strong for this year, for example:

  • "Head Care". An emerging trend that is characterised by skincare, focusing on the scalp and crown of the hair. 

  • "Two more than one". Why choose one shade of hair? This trend will look to mix the natural hair tone with purple, blue and pink.

  • The "Less is more". Everything short for this year. Long nails are transformed into a short French manicure and long manes are exchanged for short braids and micro fringes.



Celebrations and entertainment

Celebrations and entertainment will be very present in this 2023 and will be key to celebrate important days

  • "Pool pawties". Pool parties will be organised for your doggies, with invitations, souvenirs and decorations.

  • "Rust married". Say goodbye to pastel colours and start embracing orange. Orange tones will be present at weddings, both in floral arrangements and bridesmaid dresses.

  • "The YOLO years". There will be incredible celebrations, from 100th birthday parties to 50th anniversary celebrations.

  • "All the raves". Techno style, rave fashion and house music are on the rise, as rave culture is resurrected after the pandemic.




In 2023, fashion will accelerate, go back to the 2000s and fringes will return with these trends: 

  • "Airy styles". This year's fashion will be full of lace, tulle, ruffles and glitter.

  • "Fringe with benefits". The catwalks will be filled with fringed dresses, tasseled coats and fringed outfits with rhinestones. 

  • "Romcom core". Sequin dresses, cargo trousers and pink miniskirts inspired by series and films of the 2000s will be idealised.

  • "Sci-fi fits". Fashion will be light years ahead. Futuristic outfits will arrive, such as cyber casual wear, galactic glasses and feminine gamer styles.



Financial services

Who said finance can't be fun?

  • "Money moves". Multiply your money with budget and savings challenges.


Foods and beverage

With food and drink you will discover new flavours and new ways to enjoy them through experimentation.

  • "Free spirits". Expand the options at the bar by adding non-alcoholic cocktails or ice cubes with fruit.

  • "Wildflours". Country décor arrives at the bakery. Floral arrangements that will please the eyes, but also the palate.

  • "Vitamin seaweed". Snacks with seaweed, chlorophyll water and other natural superfoods courtesy of oceans will become fashionable in the West.


Hobbies and interests

Hobbies and interests will change this year. New ways of dating will be discovered and crafts will be rediscovered.

  • "Date different". New places will be explored to meet and receive Cupid's enchanted arrows. There will be encounters in bookshops, aquariums and museums.

  • "Good on paper". Screen-free hobbies are back! Paper rings, origami or filigree will be sought after, to make something new with your hands.



For this year, the home is being given a second chance, as well as fantasy turned into decoration.

  • "Chance of showers". Water will be left to flow instead of being submerged in it, with shower pumps and bath spas.

  • "Hipstoric home". Discover ways to combine antiques and vintage objects with modern styles.

  • "Home front". First impressions count, so ideas are sought for decorating foyers and front door porches.

  • "Mush-room". Unleash your imagination to decorate your home with fantasy. Designs featuring mushrooms, fairies, psychedelia or magic will be on trend.

  • "Rainscapes". There will be more concern for water conservation and sustainable natural solutions will be sought, such as rainwater harvesting and drought tolerant landscapes.




In 2023, being a parent breaks with the binary mentality and postpartum doubts.

  • "Beyond blue and pink". The aim is to break the binary mentality in the education of the next generation.

  • "The fourth trimester". The word postpartum raises many questions that we will try to clarify, from care to exercise, not forgetting the outfit.



This year, the trend will be the train and all the advantages it brings.

  • "All aboard". You will find a love of train travel, with faster boarding times, more space and a smaller carbon footprint, making trains more attractive.



Well-being will be a priority this year and new ways to connect with ourselves will be sought.

  • "Now processing". Alternatives to talking therapy, such as expressive art, music therapy and journaling, are sought as new creative ways of working on their mental health.

  • "Primal movement". Technology will be put on pause to activate in a "primitive" way. Basic exercises and flexibility stretches are sought to improve your posture.



Tips to bring these trends to life

Now that you know the top trends that Pinterest predicts will be booming in 2023, let's look at how you as an advertiser can take advantage of them.

  • If you are a beauty brand use the format of collection ads to explore new hairstyles or showcase products to use on them.

  • Another option for beauty brands could be to offer make-up tutorials with video ads showing how to put the gems in the hair through hairstyle tips, natural products, accessories...

  • If you are a fashion brand, you can segment your audience to reach people looking to define their own style. Use bold colours, leather or an asymmetrical hemline; unleash the Greek chic style; highlight your necklaces, earrings, rings and other antique-inspired accessories...

  • For a home décor or home-related brand, you can use video tutorial ads to show users how to incorporate rounded elements into their homes with curved sofas or circular bedside tables.

  • If you are an event brand, take inspiration from Greece this year. Suggest the country as a wedding destination or recreate Mediterranean style with togas or busts.

Knowing the themes and search trends for 2023 can help guide your brand's Pinterest Ads strategy and align with your brand's interests. Don't miss the full report prepared by Pinterest.