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How to stay ahead of trends with Pinterest Predicts 2024

Probably one of the key success factors on Pinterest is planning, which means that if a company manages to organise its content and launch it at the right time, it can increase its brand awareness tenfold and even increase online sales by 22%.

Every year, the social network publishes Pinterest Predicts. A study that reflects the trending topics based on the dominant and rising searches of more than 480 million users worldwide.

According to Pinterest, "this is not another year-in-review trend report, but a report on what's not yet trending: a window into the future from the platform where you plan. Here you'll find the top 23 emerging trends for 2024".

In fact, over the past four years, 80% of the predictions have come true. And this is probably due to the platform's main goal: inspiration, visual discovery and planning.

Before you consider How to start with Pinterest Ads campaigns for eCommerce  don't miss out on the platform's trends for 2024.




The importance of trends on Pinterest

As we have discussed in previous articles, Pinterest has more than 480 million monthly active users and approximately 30% annual growth. As a result, it has become the leading platform for visual discovery and inspiration.

In this context, a trend report such as Pinterest Predicts can be of particular importance for advertisers to detect trending topics and thus reach their target audience in advance.

These searches also allow brands to know trends in advance in order to create strategies. Given that more than 80% of users on the platform have larger shopping carts than on other platforms and that most users aim to plan their purchases through the content they see on the platform, you should consider Pinterest for your business.
Over the past four years, 80% of Pinterest Predicts have come true. The platform has demonstrated a strong ability to stay ahead of trends and position itself as the place where trends rise the fastest and last the longest. 


Top Pinterest trends in 2024

Below, we review the main trends of 2024 separated by category so you can get ahead of the curve and apply them to your business model.



According to Pinterest Predicts, beauty will be a trend that will emerge very strong for this year, for example:

  • Head-to-toe skincare: This year will be all about taking care of your skin from head to toe. This year, the skin of the whole body will finally receive the care that we already gave to the face.

  • Blue beauty: This year, aquamarine will be the most popular make-up colour. This bold trend from the 60s will make a comeback in today's beauty routines.

  • Long live metal: Cool silver tones and bold chrome will be in vogue. In 2024, we'll be seeing a lot of molten metal.

blue beauty




Sport will be very present this year, as a large part of our time will be devoted to it:

  • Combat stress: This 2024, the best way to relieve stress will be to throw punches in the air. This year, time will be devoted to combat sports such as karate, kickboxing and jiu jitsu.

  • Nets that catch: Neither tennis nor paddle tennis. This year the boom will be in badminton. Searches such as "badminton clothes" and "badminton looks" will be very important this year. 

nets that catch



Celebrations and entertainment

Celebrations and entertainment will be very present in 2024 and will be key to celebrate important days.

  • One step at a time: This year, small triumphs will be celebrated in a big way. If the baby gets its first tooth, buy balloons; if it's potty trained, bake a cake.

  • Retro weddings: This year, weddings and farewells are going back to the 70s. This psychedelic retro aesthetic is back.

retro weddings



In 2024, fashion will change course with more is more and new trends are appearing with the jellyfish style: 

  • Jellyfish style: A new trend is coming inspired by the favourite invertebrate: the jellyfish. From home décor to haute couture and even make-up ideas, this jellyfish aesthetic is on the rise.

  • Grandpa look: Fashion this year will be inspired by cool grandparents. Retro jackets and personalised garments give an eccentric aesthetic with a lot of personality. 

  • Gift-wrapped: Ribbons, bows, bows, this 2024 will be full of them. Big or small, bows will be the protagonists.

  • Jazz is back: In 2024, electronics will be replaced by something much more retro: vintage jazz. This trend brings back clothes, dimly lit places and all the aesthetics that represent this movement. 

  • More is more: Jewellery and accessories will be bigger and bolder. You want everything huge to match the "hair with volume" aesthetic.

more is more



Financial services

Who said finance can't be fun?

  • Saving in style: Finance doesn't have to be boring. In 2024, credit cards will be personalised with stickers and even piggy banks will be given a new look.

saving in style



Foods and beverage

With food and beverages, new flavours and new ways of enjoying them will be discovered through experimentation.

  • Delicious combinations: In 2024, you will try delicious combinations of favourites such as "burger quesadillas" or "pizza pie".

 delicious combinations

Hobbies and interests

Hobbies and interests will change this year. New hobbies and new ways of opening up emotionally will be discovered:

  • From throwing away to transforming: In 2024 we will recycle everything from scraps of fabric to leftover food. Basic garments will be transformed into unique fashion pieces with whatever they can find.

  • Deep words: This year will be a year to open up emotionally and connect on deeper levels. This trend is driven by searches for conversation starters and intimate questions to reconnect with their partners.

from throwing to transforming



For this year, the home will be a second-chance home with vintage style as a decorative element.

  • Eclectic kitchens: In 2024, kitchens will be decorated with second-hand items, vintage appliances and there will be no hesitation in combining colours when it comes to painting.

  • Aquascapes: This year, Generation X and millennials will become underwater gardeners. They will be looking for the best designs for "small aquariums" and "turtle terrariums". In 2024, fish will be enchanted by the trend for aquatic architecture.

  • The dark side of the west: The vintage style of the American West will be mixed with darker, gothic tones.

  • Coffee corner: The aesthetics of coffee shops will be brought indoors. With searches such as "coffee shop chalkboard" or "coffee shop aesthetic".

  • Tropical nostalgia: Food, decoration and fashion will transport you to tropical landscapes. This aesthetic of floral prints, delicious cocktails and deep pink is being pursued.

dark side of the west



This year, the trends will be 4x4 and the tranquillity of a dream holiday:

  • Dream holidays: This year, people will travel to relax and recharge their batteries. They will retreat to quiet places and prefer relaxation to activities. 

  • 2024x4: In 2024, people will load up their 4x4s and head for the mountains. If you are a true off-roader, this may be your lifestyle or at least your aesthetic.

dream hollidays


Act on trends that Pinterest Predicts offers you

For advertisers, trends are only useful if they are actionable. Here are two ways you can put the trends in this report into action.

Sponsor a Pinterest Predicts trend

Trend packages are the most comprehensive way to put Pinterest Predicts into action. Get exclusive access to announce a specific trend on Pinterest for a specific category and country, plus a Predicts badge for cross-brand collaboration, as well as hands-on creative support, custom audience targeting and more to showcase your Pins.

Adsmurai partnered with Mango to utilize the Trends Tool in Pinterest Ads, which revealed a rising trend in Spain known as "look invitada boda dia." This trend perfectly aligned with Mango's Capsule collection and matched what the target audience actively searched for on the platform. 


Captura de pantalla 2023-06-27 a las 12-31-13-png-1


Reach targeted audiences with Pinterest buyer personas

Specific audiences can now be segmented for each Pinterest Predicts trend, from fashion experts to food lovers and more. Just contact your Pinterest team to find out which trend you're most interested in and they'll upload the relevant audience data into your campaign tools.

Knowing the topics and search trends for 2024 can help guide your brand's Pinterest Ads strategy and align with your brand's interests. Don't miss the 
full report prepared by Pinterest.



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