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Shopping carts on WhatsApp Business

That WhatsApp is the ultimate messaging application is a fact we cannot dispute. Since the acquisition in 2014, Facebook is focusing its efforts on adapting the app to the new social context in which mobile shopping is increasingly popular and this is how WhatsApp Business begins its journey to become the new marketplace. According to the company itself, more than 175 million people send messages to business accounts every day and more than 40 million people worldwide consult a business catalog at least once a month.

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Let's review what is WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is the "other" WhatsApp application, the one that allows companies to do digital marketing through the platform and, above all, strengthens the relationship with customers. It is an application with multiple functions that allow companies to communicate more efficiently with their customers and sell from the platform itself.

Among the most important features of WhatsApp Business for companies are the company profile with important information such as location on Google Maps, hours of operation, description, email or a web link, the ability to create mailing lists or automatic responses each time a user writes by chat. 

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Look&Feel of a business profile on WhatsApp Business


WhatsApp Business Shopping Cart

WhatsApp's new functionality facilitates the buying and selling process on the platform. Through the shopping cart, the user can browse the catalog, select multiple products and send the order to the company in a single message allowing companies to track orders, manage requests and close sales.

Learn how to add your product catalog to WhatsApp Business:

  1. Click on Settings - Business Settings

  2. Select "Catalog". If it does not appear, update the app.

  3. Add a product or service

  4. Add images, the name and a brief description of each item. You can also add links or codes to track the items in your catalog.

  5. Save it.

To access a company's catalog, the company must use the WhatsApp Business application and must have previously configured the product catalog. To view it, the user must simply click on the shopping card button from the chat screen or from the company profile.

Learn how to place an order to the shopping card here


Next steps for WhatsApp Business

The last step before WhatsApp Business becomes a direct competitor to the big marketplaces is the payment functions. In India, a strong and emerging market, the application has been experimenting with the functionality for some time before launching it internationally.

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